Press Releases

New ISW Report Examines Syria’s Internal Political Struggle

As the international community debates how to slow the bloodshed in Syria, leaders in the Syrian government and the opposition have tried to use elections to gain popular support. Yet parliamentary elections in Syria and the presidential election at the Syrian National Council in May both led to more division. In a new backgrounder from the Institute for the Study of War, Research Analyst Elizabeth O’Bagy examines the effects of the May 2012 parliamentary elections in Syria and the power struggle within the Syrian National Council and other developing political opposition groups.

The Libyan Revolution by the Numbers

The Institute for the Study of War began tracking the Libyan revolution on a daily basis in March 2011. ISW has published the first three parts of the in-depth four-part series “ The Libyan Revolution,” and the last part will cover the conflict up to Qaddafi’s death on Oct. 20, 2011. To learn more about the revolution, check out our daily and weekly updates and video timeline.