Fact Sheet: Iraq's Final Elections Results

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The Iraqi High Electoral Commission (IHEC) has released the final uncertified election results for Iraq’s Parliamentary elections. This two-page fact sheet calculates the seats allocated to the electoral coalitions running in this election. IHEC is currently investigating all appeals and electoral complaints and will certify the official results upon the conclusion of the process. Therefore, these results may change slightly depending on the outcome of the certification process.

Ayad Allawi’s Iraqiyyah list came in first place with 91 seats, the largest share of any electoral coalition; Prime Minister Maliki’s State of Law coalition is close behind him with 89 seats; the predominantly-Shi’a Iraqi National Alliance is in third with 70 seats; and the Kurdistani List is in fourth with 43 seats. The closeness of the race will make alliance-making all the more important as the parties jockey to reach the 163 seats needed for a governing majority.

*Updated March 30, 2010
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