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Afghanistan: Green-on-Blue Attacks in Context

The spike in green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan is a development that has the potential to endanger ISAF's mission to train and prepare Afghan security forces for the challenges of stabilizing the country. It is important to establish the scope of the green-on-blue threat as well as the context in which the attacks occur.

NATO’s Defence Ministerial: Afghanistan after 2014

Following NATO’s Chicago Summit in May 2012, defense officials met in Brussels October 10 to discuss issues facing the NATO alliance. The mission in Afghanistan was their primary focus, and the meeting produced several critical strategic announcements.

Opinion: The ‘Andar Uprising’ and Progress in Afghanistan

In “The ‘Andar Uprising’ and Progress in Afghanistan,” the authors, Kimberly Kagan and Frederick W. Kagan, highlight battlefield successes in Afghanistan during the recent troop “surge” and caution against prematurely withdrawing any more troops.

ISW Backgrounder Assesses the Role of FTO Designation in Fight Against Haqqani Network

 WASHINGTON, DC – The Institute for the Study of War today published a detailed backgrounder titled, " The Haqqani Network: a Foreign Terrorist Organization," outlining the impact of possible Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) designation on the Haqqani Network.  The Secretary of State’s decision about FTO designation is expected to be announced by September 10.   The author of the backgrounder, ISW Senior Analyst Jeffrey

The Haqqani Network: a Foreign Terrorist Organization

From sanctuaries in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the Haqqani family hosts a variety of high-value terrorists, including senior members of al-Qaeda, Pakistani Taliban, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Lashkar-e Taiba and smaller terrorist entities linked to attacks in the UK. It also supports a global jihadist ideology that transcends objectives in Afghanistan.