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Foreign Policy: Iraq Asks for Military Aid to Combat Iranian Flyovers

Foreign Policy
Date Published: 
2013-07-22 00:00:00

Foreign Policy talks with ISW analysts Christopher Harmer and Stephen Wicken about comments from the Iraqi Ambassador to the United States.

Sectarian and Regional Conflict in the Middle East

In the early part of 2012, ISW, AEI, and the Brookings Institution undertook a war game designed to simulate a worsening of the Syrian conflict and the spillover effects of that crisis on neighboring countries. What was postulated as a hypothetical situation in fact hewed quite closely to the way in which events eventually unfolded.

Iraq's sectarian crisis reignites as Shi'a militias execute civilians and remobilize

Al Qaeda in Iraq launched a concentrated wave of car-bomb and other attacks specifically against civilian Shi'a targets in and around Baghdad. Shi'a militias are mobilizing and have begun a round of sectarian killings.

Iraq's Sunnis in Crisis

The political participation of the Sunni Arab minority in Iraq is critical to the security and stability of the state. At present, they are functionally excluded from government. Without effective political representation, the Sunni in Iraq are left with few alternatives to address their grievances against the Maliki government.

Iraq’s Provincial Elections and their National Implications

On April 20th, Iraq will hold its third provincial elections since 2005. There are 447 open seats nationwide, and competition for them is fierce. Previous elections illustrate that winning provincial seats can reverberate on the national level.

Maliki's Authoritarian Regime

Today, political and military power in Iraq is highly centralized in Prime Minister Maliki’s personal office. This will have important implications for the future of Iraq and the trajectory and durability of its democratic transition.