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ISIS vs. the Iraqi Security Forces: Can the State of Iraq Survive?

The Institute for the Study of War held a conference on July 11, 2014 to discuss the current state of capabilities between ISIS and the ISF. Moderated by Ahmed Ali, ISW Senior Iraq Analyst and Iraq Team Lead, the panelists include LTG James M. Dubik (USA, ret.), ISW Senior Fellow and Jessica D.Lewis, ISW Research Director.

Press Release: "Beyond the Islamic State: Iraq's Sunni Insurgency"

On October 6, the Institute for the Study of War released a new report on Sunni insurgent groups other than ISIS in Iraq. Although the global community is now focused on the ISIS threat and is building an anti-ISIS coalition, this report shows that these other violent Sunni groups "remain a threat to the government of Iraq even if ISIS is removed."

Next Steps for U.S. Foreign Policy on Syria and Iraq

American strategy in Iraq and Syria continues to suffer from a fatal flaw.  President Obama explicitly ordered that it focus only on “degrading” and “destroying” the Islamic State to the exclusion of any other American national security interests and regardless of the likelihood of the long-term success of any such effort undertaken in isolation.  As a result, the strategy has achieved some limited successes against the Islamic State, but those isolated successes