How many troops does the U.S. need in Afghanistan?

Three thousand troops are not sufficient to keep even a single U.S. military base in Afghanistan after 2014. This report, released with AEI's Critical Threats Project, describes how to calculate the force requirements for keeping one base in Afghanistan after 2014.

10,000 Troops In Afghanistan Is Not Enough: Rightsizing NATO’s Developmental Support Force Beyond 2014

The Afghan National Army (ANA) is arguably the most respected institution in Afghanistan. Keeping it that way as it becomes more self-sufficient will contribute to all of NATO’S post-2014 strategic aims.

Operational Art in Counterinsurgency: A View From The Inside

This monograph provides a framework for understanding operational art in counterinsurgency campaigns. In addition to the framework, the monograph describes how one set of strategic civil-military leaders achieved sufficient alignment in order to produce unity of effort and coherency of action throughout the civil-military organization.

Opinion: Thoughts on Today’s Armed Services Committee Hearing with Gen. Allen

The Weekly Standard
Date Published: 
2012-03-20 00:00:00

In testimony before the House Armed Services Committee today, General John Allen said the mission in Afghanistan remains on track, despite the infamous Quran burnings and last week’s civilian casualty incident.