Russia in Review: Russia's Influence Grows After Moldovan Elections

The Kremlin is successfully increasing its political influence in Moldova. The pro-Kremlin Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PRSM) won the largest share in the February 24 Moldovan Parliamentary Elections. However, Moldova will likely be forced to call new elections within the next forty-five days due to continued deadlock in government-formation negotiations. Russia will likely bolster its disinformation campaign over the next six weeks in order to set conditions ahead of a new vote. Pro-Kremlin Moldovan President Igor Dodon will also likely continue to shape the information space and stress the need for a strategic alliance with Russia rather than the EU in order to ensure a decisive victory for his PSRM. The U.S. should engage diplomatically and work with favorable political parties in order to counter Russia’s agenda in Moldova.

By Darina Regio with Andrea Snyder

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