Viral Disinformation: The Kremlin’s Coronavirus Information Operation in Ukraine

Key Takeaway: Likely Russian actors conducted a disinformation campaign against Ukraine exploiting COVID-19 fears related to the Ukrainian government’s evacuation of its citizens from Wuhan, China. The campaign’s tactics, timing, and nature all point toward Kremlin involvement. The campaign’s false information increased distrust of the Ukrainian government, caused protests in at least five different towns, and forced the resignation of a Ukrainian governor. The campaign is likely part of the Kremlin’s efforts to press Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for more concessions in the war in Donbas. This campaign may be part of a global Russian information operation on COVID-19.

Likely Russian actors launched a disinformation campaign aimed at provoking protests in response to the arrival of Ukrainian evacuees from China. The disinformation campaign exploited the lack of reliable information about the evacuees’ quarantine site. Ukrainian officials first announced plans to evacuate Ukrainian citizens from Wuhan, China, on February 3 but never provided details about the quarantine’s location.[1] Misinformation about the quarantine’s location began spreading on Ukrainian social media on February 15, increasing public uncertainty and fear. Ukraine’s health minister said on February 18 that the government identified three potential quarantine sites, but did not name them.[2] The Ukrainian government secretly selected a sanatorium in Novi Sanzhary, Poltava Oblast, as the quarantine site in the early morning of February 20, the same day the evacuees arrived in Ukraine.[3] Hundreds of protesters attacked the evacuees’ convoy and attempted to block their arrival in Novi Sanzhary in the evening of February 20.

This disinformation campaign in Ukraine could be part of Russia’s global COVID-19 information operation. The U.S. Department of State assesses the Kremlin began a global information operation on COVID-19 in mid-January.[4] The operation employs state-owned television, proxy websites, and thousands of fake social media personas in multiple languages. [5] Thousands of these accounts previously amplified Kremlin framings of the war in Syria, the Yellow Vest protests in France, and the protests in Chile.[6] U.S. experts observe parallels between this COVID-19 information operation with previous Kremlin information operations; this campaign promotes conspiracy theories that the U.S. is behind COVID-19, similar to how a KGB disinformation campaign in the 1980s claimed American scientists created HIV/AIDS.[7]

The Kremlin may have supported a COVID-19 disinformation campaign in Ukraine as part of the Kremlin’s larger effort to pressure Zelensky to grant concessions in the war in Donbas. Kremlin proxy forces launched an offensive on Ukrainian positions in Donbas on February 18 during the middle of the COVID-19 disinformation campaign.[8] The Kremlin is increasing economic, military, and diplomatic pressure on Ukraine with the objective of decreasing Zelensky’s space to maneuver in the Ukraine peace process.[9] The Kremlin-led peace process for the war in Donbas leverages Zelensky’s stalled political agenda – a dynamic ISW has analyzed.[10] For example, the Kremlin leverages the fact that Zelensky’s campaign promise to restore peace in eastern Ukraine relies on cooperation from Russian President Vladimir Putin.[11] The COVID-19 disinformation campaign also likely coincided with the timeframe in which Zelensky was planning the recent Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers reshuffle that occurred on March 4.[12] This disinformation campaign further eroded Ukraine’s domestic confidence and exacerbated Ukrainian government instability at a time when Zelensky’s ratings are at an all-time low.[13]

The COVID-19 disinformation campaign in Ukraine employed the following tactics.

  • The campaign targeted specific cities with disinformation. The campaign targeted residents of cities with sanatoriums, falsely claiming that the Ukrainian government would quarantine the evacuees in their city. The campaign stoked fears about the evacuees’ threat to public health and promoted calls to protest and physically prevent the evacuees’ arrival in Ukraine. Protests erupted in at least five different cities near sanatoriums from February 15-20 due to the disinformation campaign.[14] 
  • A focused disinformation campaign targeted Novi Sanzhary in central Ukraine - the town containing the evacuees’ quarantine site. Mass text messages to Poltava residents on February 19 called for protests to block the evacuees’ arrival.[15] Residents in Poltava received these text messages before the Ukrainian government confirmed Novi Sanzhary is the quarantine site.[16]

Caption: “Dear Residents of Novi Sanzhary, a terrible trouble is coming to our village. Law enforcement agencies were ordered to bring infectious patients from China (50 people). Today the authorities selected a military sanatorium as the place to take the infected from China. Tonight at 2 AM a flight will land in Boryspil [Kyiv’s main international airport] and in the early morning a bus will be sent here. In Lviv and other Cities the roads have been blocked [likely a reference to previous protests with blockades]. We cannot allow the destruction of our population, we must prevent numerous deaths. PEOPLE, RISE UP, WE ALL HAVE CHILDREN. We need to act immediately.”

  • Likely Russian actors sent a fake email posing as the Ministry of Health (MoH) to spread misinformation and provoke fear before the evacuees arrived in Ukraine. Likely Russian actors posing as the MoH sent an email to Ukrainians nine minutes before the evacuees’ plane landed in Kyiv on February 20.[17] The email falsely stated there are five laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases across Ukraine.[18] Ukrainian authorities announced the email was a fake two hours later.[19] Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU) claimed the email did not originate in Ukraine and that the email’s senders changed the “sent” address to mimic the MoH. [20]


Caption: “At this moment there are 5 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ukraine (Kyiv –2, Lviv –2, Kharkiv –1)...”

The disinformation campaign likely contributed to protests against the evacuees in Novi Sanzhary and across Ukraine.

Several hundred protesters gathered in Novi Sanzhary, Poltava Oblast, in the evening of February 19 to protest and block the evacuees a day before they arrived in Ukraine.[21] The Ukrainian government deployed police and Ukrainian National Guard officers to Novi Sanzhary in the morning of February 20.[22] Protesters clashed with the National Guard on February 20, injuring at least nine police officers and one civilian.[23] Protesters blocked the bridge leading to the quarantine site, set barricades on fire, and threw stones at law enforcement and the evacuees’ bus convoy.[24] Law enforcement arrested the most-violent protesters, most of whom were not residents of Novi Sanzhary.[25]

Protests also erupted in at least four different towns in western and central Ukraine that the disinformation targeted from February 15-20.[26] Viral misinformation emerged on Facebook on February 15 claiming the evacuees’ quarantine site would be a sanatorium in Shklo, Lviv.[27] Protests erupted in Shklo and Shklo’s village council passed a resolution opposing hosting quarantined evacuees on February 16.[28] A Lviv Regional Administration official called for stronger vigilance against disinformation and confirmed there were no government orders on quarantining evacuees in the Lviv Oblast on February 16.[29] Approximately 100 people protested in the town of Vinnyky, Lviv Oblast, two days later despite the official clarification.[30] 


Caption: Persons in Lviv received this message en masse: “Hello! Dial this hotline number: (number), they will record your voice saying that we are against and are not ready to accept and quarantine people from China. Share will all your contacts! Before it's too late"

Similar misinformation emerged on news sites claiming the evacuees’ quarantine would be in Ternopil.[31] Approximately 300 protesters barricaded the road to the alleged quarantine facility in response.[32] Ternopil’s governor resigned after Zelensky criticized Ternopil authorities’ poor handling of the situation.[33]

Misinformation also emerged on Facebook claiming the evacuees would travel to a quarantine facility in Vinnytsia Oblast in central Ukraine.[34] The Facebook posts called for the urgent mobilization of people to deny evacuees access to quarantine sites all over Ukraine, not only in Vinnytsia, Ternopil, and Lviv.[35] Protesters barricaded the entrance to the Vinnytsia hospital in response.[36]  


Caption: “Maximum repost! Vinnytsia, tragedy! Guys, there’s a tragedy! Tomorrow at 8 in the morning a flight from Wuhan will arrive at Vinnytsia airport. The plane was originally supposed to fly to Lviv, but people gathered and after that began asking Boryspil [to accept the plane]. Boryspil categorically refused. Vinnitsa quietly decided to accept the plane. This information is 100% verified, as my close relatives are being sent to take care of the plane. Hospitals are not prepared for this! This is all because they will pay money to those who accept the plane!”

Social media proliferated misinformation about the quarantine’s supposed location in eastern Ukraine, indicating the campaign was likely nationwide. Residents of Severodonetsk and Rubezhnoe, Luhansk Oblast, received misinformation on social media that the quarantine site would be a military hospital in Severodonetsk. This disinformation did not provoke protests in Luhansk. 

Caption: A false news article reads, “The Ministry of Internal Affairs named the place of the quarantine for evacuees from the PRC. Evacuees from the PRC will be taken to a military hospital in Severodonetsk.”

Caption: A post on Facebook for a Severodonetsk group reads, “URGENT!!!! According to insider information, the people that were evacuated from China were not accepted in western Ukraine! They’re taking them to us [to the village of Rubezhnoe]!!!!” 

The Kremlin exploited optics following the disinformation campaign. The Russian Foreign Ministry claimed the protests make Ukraine look like “medieval Europe” and claimed Ukraine’s democratic reforms have led to a “monstrous dehumanization of civil society and the disorganization of governance.”[37] Russian-language media exploited the optics in Ukraine to portray Ukraine as violent, lawless, and prone to ignorant village hysterics.[38] The Kremlin also exploited the fact that a majority of the protests occurred in western Ukraine to assist the Kremlin’s narratives about western Ukrainian “nationalists” as especially violent and ignorant.[39]

The disinformation operation and subsequent protests helped saturate the Russian- and Ukrainian-language news cycles to crowd-out Kremlin-adverse topics. The news about protests in Novi Sanzhary corresponded with the sixth anniversary of the 2014 Euromaidan Revolution and the beginning of Russia’s occupation of Crimea.

ISW assesses with moderate confidence that the Kremlin supported the disinformation campaign.

The coordinated nature of the disinformation campaign indicates Kremlin involvement. The disinformation targeted multiple cities in eastern, central, and western Ukraine. The delivery vectors used multiple media; disinformation spread though a fake email posing as the government, targeted text messages, proxy news sites, and social media posts. The social media posts in the different cities share similar messaging characteristics and exhibit signs of inorganic engagement. For example, most real users on social media “like” other users’ posts significantly more frequently than they “share” other users’ posts. However, this viral Facebook post claiming the quarantine site is in Shklo, Lviv Oblast, displays 29 “likes” and 925 “shares,” numbers that suggest a coordinated disinformation campaign boosted the post.[40]

Caption: “They’re planning to keep evacuated Ukrainians from China for 14 days at the Shklo sanatorium Zaporizhia [a region is south-central Ukraine] did not allow them [to be quarantined there]!!! WE also CANNOT [allow them to be quarantined in Shklo]!!!!!”

Russian disinformation campaigns employ targeted text messages in Ukraine similar to those used on the coronavirus. While officials have not publically attributed the text messages in the COVID-19 disinformation campaign, pro-Kremlin actors have a history of using targeted text messages in Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas have received text messages with pro-Kremlin propaganda since the war in Donbas began in 2014.[41] The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab assesses the text messages are localized, trace-less, and received even when there is no cellular reception, suggesting Russian-manufactured electronic warfare systems send the texts.[42] The Associated Press, Ukrainian National Cyber Police, and a Ukrainian cellphone company reportedly have all separately concluded that the messages to Ukrainian soldiers come from cell-site simulators.[43]

The Kremlin previously sent text messages and a fake letter posing as the Ukrainian government. The Kremlin sent false military mobilization orders to Ukrainians via mass text messages and fake orders to a Ukrainian hospital in a forged letter in 2018.[44]

The Ukrainian government identified many of the protesters in Novi Sanzhary as professional provocateurs. Ukrainian authorities said on February 22 that the protesters in Novi Sanzhary were “professional” provocateurs.[45] Ukraine’s National Police spokesperson for Poltava Oblast claimed 16 of the 24 arrested protesters were not residents of Novi Sanzhary and that other protesters arrived in cars bearing license plates from different oblasts.[46] One protester from the Kirovohrad Oblast documented his participation in the Novi Sanzhary protests on social media.[47]

Pro-Kremlin actors have used professional provocateurs in protests in Ukraine before. Political actors have used provocateurs in Ukraine before. One prominent example is former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s use of paid provocateurs to assault protesters during the Euromaidan Revolution in 2014.[48] The apparent use of provocateurs indicates that the violent protest in Novi Sanzhary was not an entirely organic protest, but part of a coordinated campaign to escalate the protest’s violence.

A Kremlin-linked actor participated in setting conditions for the Novi Sanzhary protest before the governor of Poltava knew the quarantine site would be in Novi Sanzhary. Kremlin-linked Poltavan politician Sergey Cherednichenko blogged about Novi Sanzhary being the quarantine site on February 19 at 2114.[49] However, the governor of the Poltava Oblast claimed he received official confirmation of the quarantine site on February 20 between 0600 and 0700. [50] Cherednichenko has ties to pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.[51] He is also a known associate of the controversial Ukrainian politician Ilya Kiva, a member of the pro-Russian Opposition – For Life Party.[52] The participation of a Kremlin-linked actor with ostensibly advance knowledge of the quarantine site differentiates the protest in Novi Sanzhary from the other COVID-19 protests in Ukraine. These factors may indicate advanced coordination between the disinformation campaign’s central organizers and a pro-Russian actor in Poltava.

The COVID-19 disinformation campaign in Ukraine, regardless of its perpetrator, advanced the Kremlin’s objective of increasing pressure and imposing costs on Ukraine. The Kremlin likely supported this campaign as a component of the Kremlin’s ongoing effort to reduce Zelensky’s maneuvering room in the peace process for the war in Donbas. The disinformation campaign on COVID-19 had real impacts by provoking protests in several oblasts that led to the resignation of a Ukrainian governor. This disinformation campaign likely targeted western Ukraine to bolster Russian propaganda tropes about “Ukrainian nationalists” in western Ukraine, intensify domestic frictions within Ukrainian society, and provoke mistrust of the Zelensky government. The Kremlin will likely intensify and diversify its efforts to pressure Zelensky to extract concessions on the war in Donbas.  

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