Operation Lion's Roar

The primary focus of Lion’s Roar was the al-Qaeda in Iraq network and the remnants of other Sunni insurgent groups in Mosul and Ninewah province. The operation was coordinated between the Iraqi Army, Police, and Border Enforcement units throughout the province.  In the first few days of Lion’s Roar, Iraqi Security Forces detained 500 individuals in Mosul, found and cleared multiple weapons caches, and established a series of checkpoints and other permanent security structures across the city. Along with military operations, efforts were also made to begin reconciling Mosul’s diverse population and target areas for reconstruction. Three Coalition battalions and a small number of Special Operations Forces also participated in a support and advisory role. The main effort, however, was Iraqi-led. According to a spokesman from Multi-National Forces – Iraq, “This is their operation. It was conceived and led by the Iraqi military.”  Operation Mother of Two Springs was the follow-on to Lion's Roar.