Operation Marne Avalanche

Operation Marne Avalanche, a month-long operation subordinate to the ongoing Corps-level offensive Operation Phantom Thunder, was launched by Multi-National Division-Center (MND-C) in July 2007 to clear both Sunni and Shi'a extremist elements from the Highway 8 - Euphrates River corridor, stretching from the south near [Mussayib] through Iskandariyah and Jurf as-Sakhr north to the Mahmudiyah area. It followed Operation Marne Torch. The 2nd BCT, 10th MTN and the 4th BCT (Airborne), 25th ID were the lead U.S. brigades for this operation, targeting both Al Qaeda in Iraq elements that had used this area to support operations in Baghdad and as well as elements of the Jaysh al-Mahdi, which had sought to expand its influence in the Shi'a urban populations. Iraqi Security Forces, particularly a brigade of the 6th IA Division based in Mahmudiyah, also took part in this operation.


In mid-August 2007, MND-C transitioned to Operation Marne Husky.