New exclusive footage released today!


The Surge: The Whole Story


The Surge in Iraq showed that when ordinary men and women are given an extraordinary task, they can do the impossible. ISW’s newly released  documentary tells the real story of the Surge by the commanders who served there. This holiday season, give the perfect gift to your favorite veteran, family member or friend by purchasing, The Surge: The Whole Story.
If you enjoyed ISW’s short film released earlier this year, then you will love the exclusive footage in the new full-length documentary on the Surge in Iraq. Buy this updated version which includes never-before-seen interviews with General David Petraeus, General Raymond Odierno, Ambassador Ryan Crocker and many others from Iraq.
Proceeds from this documentary help support the unparalleled research produced by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).Your contribution plays an important role, ensuring that ISW carries out its mission to conduct detailed, open source intelligence analysis while providing the most accurate information on current military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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