The Struggle for Iraq’s Future: Is It a Lost Cause?

Event Date: 
February 18, 2015
American Enterprise Institute

Reports on Iraq in recent months have been less than encouraging; the advance of ISIS, sectarian violence, and falling oil prices are just a few problems Baghdad faces today. But what exactly is happening on the ground? Is the situation in Iraq as grim as some report?

We welcome you to join AEI and the Institute for the Study of War for an event featuring experts who have just returned from meetings with government and military officials in Iraq. Panelists will provide their assessment of the situation and discuss whether there is an opportunity for the United States to revise its existing policy toward Iraq.


8:45 AM--Registration
9:00 AM--Event


Kimberly Kagan, Institute for the Study of War
Kenneth Pollack, Brookings Institution

Question & Answer Session

Frederick W. Kagan, AEI

10:30 AM--Adjournment

For more information, please contact Heather Malacaria at [email protected], 202.888.6575.