Ashka Jhaveri

Position: Middle East Security Studies Program Researcher

Ashka Jhaveri is a Researcher with ISW’s Middle East Security Studies Program. Ashka graduated from Bates College in 2022 where she received a B.A. in Politics with a concentration in Security, Conflict, and Cooperation. She interned during the Fall and Spring ‘22 semesters on the Iranian Axis of Resistance portfolio. Her research interests focus on irregular warfare, state-building, and proxy networks in the Middle East. 

ISW Publications: 

The Syrian Democratic Forces’ Arab Coalition is Crumbling, Creating Opportunities for ISIS, Iran, and Turkey, September 15, 2023

Syria: Anti-Regime Protests Risk Crackdown, September 5, 2023

Iran, Russia, and the Syrian Regime are Coordinating to Expel US Forces from Syria, August 3, 2023


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