Iraqi Elections: Is This Democracy? (video)

 Iraqi Elections: Is This Democracy? 

March 11, 2010
The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) sponsored a joint event for young professionals in defense and national security policy on the Iraqi parliamentary elections held on March 7th.
Regional experts offered their analysis on the electoral process, validity of the pending results, likelihood of peaceful government formation and the fate of Iraq’s leading political figures. Questions on the impacts of elections on the U.S. troop withdrawal, Iranian and Syrian ambitions inside Iraq and long term security implications were also addressed.





Moderator:            Jamie M. Fly
                                Executive Director, Foreign Policy Initiative

Panelists:              Charles W. Dunne
 Scholar, Middle East Institute

                                Marisa Cochrane Sullivan
                                Research Director, Institute for the Study of War
                                James Danly
                                Fellow, Institute for the Study of War
                                Former U.S. Army officer
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