Iraq Situation Report

Iraq Situation Report: July 1, 2014

ISIS targeted the Samarra Askari Shrine in an effort to divert ISF resources from Tikrit or Baghdad. The mobilization of the Sadrist Brigades to Samarra and the increase in murders in Baghdad are indications of escalated Shi’a militia activity. Tribes in Haditha may be negotiating the peaceful occupation of the city by ISIS and other armed groups. Upon establishing control of Haditha, ISIS will likely attempt to seize control of Ramadi and declare total control over Anbar province.

Iraq Situation Report: June 30, 2014

ISIS may be launching a renewed military o­ffensive to take control of all urban centers in Anbar Province, beginning with Haditha and moving toward Ramadi. The Haditha Dam is a critical element of Iraq’s infrastructure, which ISIS and other anti-government groups may use to obstruct ISF mobility in Anbar, much like the Fallujah Dam in April 2014.

Iraq Situation Report: June 25, 2014

ISIS is pursuing objectives closer to Baghdad, attacking Balad Airbase while maneuvering around the facility. This will impede the ability of IA Aviation to support isolated ISF contingents. ISIS most likely activated a contingent previously placed in the vicinity of Balad. If successful, ISIS could gain important military and aviation assets at the base.