Factsheet - Iraq Key Statistics, July 1, 2009

An Iraqi flag and American flag fly side by side during the turnover ceremony of Multi-National Force - Iraq, Combat Outpost Power in the Aden District of Mosul, June 7. File photo by Senior Airman Kamaile O. Chan, JointCombat Camera Center - Iraq.  

Coalition and ISF Data

• US Troop number are down to 132,000 from a high of 166,000 troops during the height of the surge in September 2007.

• The total number of Coalition Forces is 819, down from a high of over 13,700 in late 2006.

• 12 NATO Nations with 225 personnel currently contribute to the development of the ISF as part of NATO Training Mission-Iraq.

• The total number of ISF has steadily increased over the past few years, from 325,738 in early 2007 to over 654,360 currently.

• The number of BCTs are down to 13 from a high of 20 during the surge.

• Base closures/transfers – total of 151 since January 2008

• The total number of contractors is down to 125,000 from a high of 164,000 in September 2008; local nationals make up 27.3% of all contractors in Iraq.

• The GoI has assumed control of the SoI program and payments as of May 2009. There are 88,679 total in the SoI program, and over 25,629 have transitioned.

• Electricity provided is up over 2,000 MW per week since 2007 (from 4,023 MW per week average to 6,550 MW currently).


Security Data

• The weekly average for overall security incidents is down to 144 for 2009 (YTD), from a high of 1,116 incidents per week in 2007.

• Overall attacks have decreased 92%, from a high of 1485 attacks per week in June 07 to 115 per week at the end of June 09.

• IED explosions have decreased 90% since June 07 (405 per week in June 07 to 42 per week in June 09).

• High Profile Explosions have decreased 89% since June 07 (VBIEDs, SVBIEDs and PBIEDs – 19 per week in June 07 to 4 per week in June 09).



Source: Multi-National Force Iraq

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