Global News Alert – November 23, 2009


The Associated Press - 4 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Reuters - Two Afghan Ministers Suspected of Embezzlement, by Hamid Shalizi

Reuters - Karzai Says Militants Could be Invited to Afghan 'Jirga'

Reuters - NATO Takes Command of Afghan Army, Police Training

Los Angeles Times - Pricing an Afghanistan Troop Buildup is No Simple Calculation, by

Los Angeles Times - In Afghanistan, a Drive to Lure Taliban with Jobs, Security, by Laura King

Los Angeles Times - Rocket is Fired at Afghan Hotel Housing Foreign Humanitarian Workers, by Laura King

Los Angeles Times - 16 Afghans Killed in Suicide Attack, by Laura King

Los Angeles Times - U.S. Afghanistan Debate Curbs Gates on Canada Visit, by Julian E. Barnes

The New York Times - In 3 Tacks for Afghan War, a Game of Tradeoffs, by Elizabeth Bumiller

The New York Times - 4 American Military Personnel Die in Afghanistan, by Alissa Rubin

The New York Times - General Says Canada Fears for Afghans, by Ian Austen

USA Today - In Afghanistan, Fighting a Legacy of Corruption, by Jim Michaels

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - U.S. House Speaker Says Afghan Leader 'Unworthy' Partner

Times Online (London) - British to Train Afghan Militias in New Hearts and Minds Push, Richard Beeston

McClatchy Newspapers - Pakistan to US: Don't Surge in Afghanistan, Talk to Taliban, by Saeed Shah

BBC - US and Afghan Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan


Reuters - Pakistani Forces Attack Taliban in Northwest, Killing 22

Reuters - Suspected Militants Blow Themselves Up in Pakistan

The New York Times - Amnesty List Puts Pressure on Pakistan Leader, by Sahar Habib Ghazi and Sabrina Tavernise


The Associated Press - Iraq Still Threatened by Sectarian Tensions, by Hamza Hendawi

Reuters - Iraqi Parliament Passes Key Investment Law

Reuters - Iraqi Parliament Fails to Reach Elections Law, by Waleed Ibrahim

The Washington Post - Al-Qaeda in Iraq Regaining Strength, by Ernesto Londono



The Washington Post - Iran Stages War Games, Sits on West's Nuclear Offer, by Thomas Erdbrink

Reuters - Iran Launches War Games to Protect Nuclear Facilities

Reuters - Iran's Musavi Tells Government to Stop Intimidation

The Wall Street Journal - Iran Launches Air-Defense Exercise, by Chip Cummins

The New York Times - Iran's Death Penalty Seen as a Political Tactic, by Michael Slackman

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - Iranian President Visits Brazil, Looking for Support on Nuclear Issue

Reuters - Iran Frees Leading Reformer on $700,000 Bail

Voice of America - Iran Jails Top Reformer for 6 Years


The Associated Press - Israeli Aircraft Strike Gaza Targets

Agence France Presse - Israel, Hamas Discuss Swap for Captured Soldier

The Washington Post - Palestinian Panel to Sidestep Vote, by Howard Schneider

Voice of America - Israel Strikes Targets in Gaza; Hamas Announces Deal to Stop Rocket Fire, by Luis Ramirez


The Associated Press - Fatal Blast Rocks Northeast India

CNN - 2 Linked to Mumbai Terror Attacks Arrested in Italy


The Washington Post - Conflict Deepens Crisis in Yemen, Sudarsan Raghavan

Reuters - Saudi Troops Killed in Yemen Rebel Clashes


Los Angeles Times - Lulu Takes Risk in Welcoming Ahmadinejad to Brazil, by

The New York Times - Brazil's President Elbows U.S. on the Diplomatic Stage, by Alexei Barrionuevo


The New York Times - 21 Filipinos Are Reported Dead in Election Violence, by Carlos H. Conde


Christian Science Monitor - Venezuela vs. Colombia: Two Leaders Seek Outside Mediation, by Sibylla Brodzinsky and Sara Miller Llana


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