Global News Alert - November 24, 2009


The Washington Post - McChrystal and U.S. Ambassador to Testify on Afghanistan War, by Michael D. Shear and Scott Wilson

Los Angeles Times - Obama's Afghanistan Announcement May by Soon, by Julian E. Barnes and Christi Parsons

Los Angeles Times - IED Threat Shadows Marines' Every Move, by Tony Perry

The New York Times - A Warehouse Holds Families' New Memories in Afghanistan, by Alissa J. Rubin

The New York Times - Pressure Builds Over Obama's Afghanistan Plan, by Eric Schmitt and Helene Cooper

Associated Press - Bomb Kills 6 Family Members in Eastern Afghanistan

Reuters - Obama Meets with Top Advisers on Afghan Policy

Fox News - President Obama is Expected to Address the Nation on His Afghanistan Policy Next Tuesday, by Mike Emanuel

CNN - Afghanistan Decision to Come Within Days, White House Says

BBC - Barack Obama to Make US Afghan Troop Decision 'in days'

Times Online (London) - Hamid Karzai 'Angry' at Taskforce for Arrest of Police Chief Accused of Drug Links, by

American Forces Press Service - Logistics Chief Lays Out Challenges in Afghanistan, by Jim Garamone

American Forces Press Service - New NATO Command in Kabul Focuses on Afghan Training



Associated Press - Pakistani Troops Kill 18 Islamist Militants, by Riaz Khan

Times Online (London) - Pakistan Tells US that New Afghanistan Strategy has Exposed Its Border to Militants, by

Voice of America - Pakistan Says 18 Militants Killed in New Operation


Reuters - Iraq National Vote Unlikely in January: Official, by Waleed Ibrahim

Reuters - Bomb Attack Sabotaged Iraq-Turkey Oil Pipeline

Associated Press - Iraq Election Law Faces Second Veto

The Washington Post - Iraqi Parliament Passes Another Election Law, by Nada Bakri

The New York Times - Iraq's January Elections Face Near Certain Delay, by Stephen Lee Myers

The New York Times - Britain Opens Inquiry into Iraq War, After Years of Delay, by John F. Burns and Alan Cowell

CNN - Alleged Baath Members Confess in Videos to Iraq Attacks, by Jomana Karadsheh



The New York Times - Iran Expanding Effort to Stifle the Opposition, by Robert F. Worth


Reuters - Netanyahu Says Hamas Prisoner Deal Might Not Happen, by Dan Williams

The Washington Times - Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap Talks Advance, by Joshua Mitnick

The Wall Street Journal - Hopes Rise for Freedom of Israel's Sgt. Shalit, by Charles Levinson

BBC - Three Injured in Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza


The New York Times - Charges Detail Road to Terror for 20 Recruited in U.S., by Andrea Elliott

The Washington Post - U.S. Says Men Ran Terror Network, by Spencer S. Hsu


The Wall Street Journal - A Year After Mumbai, Militants Thrive, by Matthew Rosenberg


Associated Press -Philippines Declares Emergency After 46 Killed, by Aaron Favila


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