Global News Alert - November 30, 2009


The New York Times - Obama's Speech on Afghanistan to Envision Exit, by Peter Baker, Eric Schmitt, and David E. Sanger

The Washington Post - Newly Deployed Marines to Target Taliban Bastion, by Greg Jaffe

Los Angeles Times - Lawmakers Raise Concerns Over an Expanded Afghan War, by Greg Miller

Los Angeles Times - Marines Plow Ahead With Anti-Poppy Campaign in Afghan District, by Tony Perry

The Wall Street Journal - U.S. Cool to Surge in Afghanistan's Own Force, by Yochi J. Dreazen and Michael M. Phillips


The New York Times - Britain Presses Pakistan and Afghanistan on Militants, by John F. Burns

The Washington Post - Obama Offers New Role for Pakistan, by Karen DeYoung


Reuters - Iraq Resumes Full Crude Oil Exports Via Turkey



Associated Press - Iran Says UN Criticism Prompted New Nuclear Plans

Reuters - Iran Sees Little Benefit From Nuclear Treaty, by Parisa Hafezi

Reuters - Iran Expands Naval Clout in Gulf: U.S. Naval Study, by Adam Entous

Reuters - Russia Vows Quick Completion of Iran Atom Plant

The New York Times - A Defiant Iran Vows to Build Nuclear Plants, by David E. Sanger and William F. Broad

The Washington Post - Iran Vows to Expand its Nuclear Program, by Thomas Erdbrink

The Washington Post - Iran Restructuring its Naval Forces, by Walter Pincus

CNN - Iran Authorizes 10 New Uranium Plants

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - U.S. Says "Time Running Out" Amid Iran Nuclear News


Reuters - United States, Brazil at Odds Over Honduras Crisis, by Mica Rosenberg

The New York Times - Conservative Appears to Have Won in Honduras, by Elisabeth Malkin

Voice of America - Lobo Wins Honduran Presidential Vote, by Brian Wagner


Times Online (London) - Somali Pirates Seize Oil Tanker Off Seychelles, by Philippe Naughton

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