Global News Update - October 30, 2009

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Washington Post - Obama seeks study on local Afghan leaders for troop decision, by Scott Wilson and Greg Jaffe

Voice of America - Obama Consults Military Leaders, Nears Afghan Troop Decision

Washington Times - Special forces for special Afghan rescues, by Sara A. Carter

Reuters - Obama's review of Afghan war strategy nears end, by Adam Entous

Associated Press - Obama considers pared-back Afghan plan, by Anne Gearan and Matthew Lee

Wall Street Journal - Support Grows for Pursuit of Peace Deals With the Taliban, by Yaroslav Trofimov

New York Times - U.N. Reviews Security After Deadly Kabul Assault, by Alissa J. Rubin and Carlotta Gall

Times Online UK - UN evacuates non-essential staff after deadly attack on Kabul guesthouse, by Jeremy Page and James Bone

Washington Post - Afghan panel overrides warnings, by Pamela Constable

Wall Street Journal - Afghanistan Adds Poll Sites Despite Fraud Fears, by Anand Gopal and Yaroslav Trofimov

Times Online UK - UN fears for second Afghan vote after commission refuses to tackle fraud, by Jerome Starkey

Reuters - Afghan officials defend plan for more voting centers, by Golnar Motevalli

LA Times - Afghan officials unveil plans for runoff, by Alexandra Zavis

New York Times - Obama Visits Air Base to Honor Returning Dead, by Jeff Zeleny

Associated Press - Blast Kills 9 Civilians in Afghanistan

Reuters - FACTBOX: Security developments in Afghanistan, October 30

Reuters - Simple Afghan mission turns deadly for U.S. soldiers, by Jonathan Burch

Washington Times - Better anti-IED effort urged, by Tom LoBianco

Times Online UK - French families sue commanders who ate VIP dinner as soldiers died in ambush, by Adam Sage

Associated Press - German troops OK in calling for airstrike, by Kirsten Grieshaber



New York Times - Iraq Makes Sweeping Arrests Over Baghdad Blasts, by Timothy Williams and Mohammed Hussein

Washington Post - Iraq arrests 61 officials in fatal blasts, by Ernesto Londono

Wall Street Journal - Iraq Detains Security Officers in Bombing Inquiry, by Gina Chon

Times Online UK - Iraq Government bans alcohol sale or transport in Baghdad's green zone, by Oliver August

Times Online UK - How plastic surgeons in Iraq help bomb victims feel accepted by society, by Oliver August

Washington Post - Audit finds Iraq contractor overbilled for vehicle parts, by Walter Pincus



Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Finds Passport of Alleged 9/11 Operative, by Zahid Hussain

New York Times - In Military Campaign, Pakistan Finds Hint of 9/11, by Jane Perlez and Mark Mazzetti

Associated Press - Pakistan military closes in on Taliban stronghold, by Tim Sullivan

Long War Journal - Pakistani troops advance on Uzbek stronghold in South Waziristan, by Bill Roggio

Times Online UK - Attack on Pakistani Taleban uncovers trail of al-Qaeda leader, by Jeremy Page

Christian Science Monitor - Clinton: Hard to believe Pakistan can't find Al Qaeda, by Arthur Bright

New York Times - Clinton Challenges Pakistanis on Al Qaeda, by Mark Landler

Washington Post - Clinton presses Pakistan on al-Qaeda, by Karen DeYoung

Wall Street Journal - Clinton Gets an Earful of Pakistani Defiance, by Jay Solomon

Associated Press - Clinton faces Pakistani anger at Predator attacks, by Robert Burns

Reuters - Clinton defends blunt words on Pakistan




New York Times - Iran Rejects Deal to Ship Out Uranium, Officials Report, by David E. Sanger, Steven Erlanger and Robert F. Worth

Washington Post - Iran counters U.N. on uranium plan, by Glenn Kessler and Thomas Erdbrink

Associated Press - EU says Iran must stick by uranium limitation deal, by Slobodan Lekic


Washington Post - In Russia, an intensifying insurgency, by Philip P. Pan


Associated Press - US admiral concerned about China military buildup, by Jeremiah Marquez

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