ISW Global News Update - October 2, 2009

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New York Times - Obama Meets With McChrystal, by Peter Baker

Times Online UK - More troops are all very well, but what exactly are they going to do? by Bronwen Maddox

LA Times - McChrystal defends military goals in Afghanistan, by Julian E. Barnes

Reuters - Obama, U.S. Afghan commander meet in Copenhagen, by Jeff Mason

Washington Post - White House Eyeing Narrower War Effort, by Scott Wilson and Anne E. Korblut

New York Times - McChrystal Rejects Scaling Down Afghan Military Aims, by John F. Burns

New York Times - Pentagon to Re-examine 2008 Afghan Clash, by Thom Shanker

Washington Post - McChrystal Urges European Allies to Show Resolve in Afghanistan, by Anthony Faiola

Associated Press - US, British troops killed in Afghanistan attacks, by Rahim Faiez

Canadian Press - Canadian forces fire on speeding motorcycle, two Afghans dead

Reuters - Fledgling Afghan army grapples with high expectations, by Maria Golovnina

RFE/RL - Russian Envoy Warns Of Militancy Spreading Out From Afghanistan

Department of Defense - Team Introduces Afghan Farmers to Saffron, by Army Pfc. Melissa Raney



Washington Post - Maliki Creates Coalition To Compete in Iraqi Vote, by Anthony Shadid

New York Times - Iraqi Leader Creates Broad Coalition, by Steven Lee Myers

Wall Street Journal - Maliki Coalition Tries to Bridge Iraq's Deep Sectarian Divisions, by Gina Chon

LA Times - Maliki presents his own electoral bloc, by Ned Parker and Raheem Salman

Associated Press - Hidden bomb kills Iraqi preacher-cop during prayer, by Chelsea J. Carter

Reuters - Iraq's Mosul hopes for end to stubborn insurgency, by Tim Cocks

MNF-I - Odierno calls for short extensions to boost Iraqi national election security

Voice of America - Iraq Commander Plans More US Troop Cuts, by Al Pessin

Associated Press - US soldier dies in mortar attack in Iraq

Long War Journal - Iraqi police detain Hezbollah Brigades leader, by Bill Roggio

MNF-I - Terrorist facilitators captured by Iraqi Forces

RFE/RL - Iraqis Claim Foreign Pressure Preventing Syria Probe

RFE/RL - Drought, Dams Force Iraqi Farmers To Abandon Crops

New York Times - The Hospital That Treated Friend and Foe, by Timothy Williams



New York Times - Pakistan to Target Taliban 'Epicenter', by Ismail Khan

Associated Press - Officials: Pakistan army to take on S. Waziristan, by Asif Shahzad and Ishtiaq Mahsud

Associated Press - Video appears to show Pakistan army abuses, by Robert Kennedy

Reuters - Uzbek militant killed in Pakistan: security agents, by Saad Khan

Times Online UK - US drone strike kills key al-Qaeda ally Tahir Yuldashe, by Jeremy Page

Long War Journal - Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader thought killed in August strike in South Waziristan, by Bill Roggio

BBC - Pakistan amends anti-terror laws



Washington Post - Iran, Major Powers Reach Agreement On Series of Points, by Glenn Kessler

New York Times - Iran Agrees to Send Enriched Uranium to Russia, by Steve Erlanger and Mark Landler

Wall Street Journal - U.S. Enforces Existing Sanctions on Iran, by Chip Cummins

Christian Science Monitor - Nuclear talks: Iran agrees to meet US, world powers twice more in October, by Scott Peterson

Wall Street Journal - Iranian Opposition Reacts With Skepticism, by Farnaz Fassihi

Christian Science Monitor - Is Iran hiding other secret nuclear sites? by Peter Grier




New York Times - Video Shows Captive Israeli Soldier in Good Health, by Isabel Kershner

Reuters - Israeli soldier's video message from Gaza

Washington Post - Israel's Doubts On Talks Allayed, by Howard Schneider and Joby Warrick

Washington Times - EXCLUSIVE: Obama agrees to keep Israel's nukes secret, by Eli Lake

BBC - Egyptians nervous of Israeli culture, by Christian Fraser


New York Times - U.S. Delays Somalia Aid, Fearing It Is Feeding Terrorists, by Jeffrey Gettleman

Reuters - Shabaab rebels take full control of Somali port, by Abdi Sheikh


Associated Press - 8 militants killed in Chechnya gunbattle

Times Online UK - Nato commander warns of conflict with Russia in Arctic Circle, by Tom Coghlan

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