ISW News Roundup - April 18, 2009


Associated Press - Iraqi forces conduct sweep in Fallujah

New York Times - Feeling Secure Enough to Sin, Baghdad Returns to Its Old Ways, by Rod Nordland

New York Times - Iraqi Sunnis Turn to Politics and Renew Strength, by Campbell Robertson and Stephen Farrell

RFE/RL - Blast Kills Four, Wounds Eight In Baghdad



Reuters - Afghan quake survivors struggling without aid, by Rafiq Sherzad

Wall Street Journal - NATO Forces Strike in Central Afghanistan, from AP

Associated Press5 suspected militants killed in Afghanistan, by Fisnik Abrashi

Reuters - FACTBOX - Security developments in Afghanistan, April 18

Reuters - U.S. says not playing favourites in Afghan poll



Christian Science Monitor - Wealthy nations move to shore up Pakistan, by Ben Arnoldy

Associated Press - US envoy: Pakistan aid beats hopes but more needed, by Tomoko A. Hosaka

Wall Street Journal - Pentagon Jams Web, Radio Links of Taliban, by Yochi J. Dreazen and Siobhan Gorman

Long War Journal - Suicide bomber kills 20 in attack on military convoy in Pakistan, by Bill Roggio

Reuters - Suicide car-bomber kills at least 20 in Pakistan

Washington Post - Pakistani Cleric Calls for Islamic Law Nationwide, by Pamela Constable

New York Times - Cleric Who Led Militants in Pakistan Is Released, by Salman Masood

Long War Journal - Red Mosque leader preaches jihad after release, by Bill Roggio




Reuters - Canada says man tried to send Iran uranium devices, by David Ljunggren

Reuters - Iran jails U.S. -Iranian reporter for 8 years, by Parisa Hafezi and Fredrik Dahl

Reuters - Iran says its military might help regional security, by Fredrik Dahl


Times Online UK - Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites, by Sheera Frenkel


Reuters - NATO frees hostages from pirates, new ship seized, by Mohamed Ahmed


New York Times - Divisions Arose on Rough Tactics for Qaeda Figure, by Scott Shane

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