ISW News Roundup - April 21, 2009


Associated Press - Iraq victims outraged at slow Blackwater exit, by Brian Murphy

Times Online UK - Iraqi detainee talks of 'horror film' experience at the hands of the US military, by Wail al-Hafoth

Times Online UK - Iraqi children trained by al-Qaeda to be suicide bombers, by James Hider

Associated Press - Suicide bomber in Iraq kills 3 civilians

RFE/RL - Obama's Iraq Envoy Pick Wins Key Senate Vote


Afghanistan and Pakistan

RFE/RL - Senior Afghan Opposition Figure To Back Karzai In Poll

Long War Journal - Pakistan targets dangerous Taliban commander, by BIll Roggio

BBC - Swat's Taliban expand operations, by Syed Shoaib Hasan

BBC - Jets target Pakistani militants, by M. Ilyas Khan




Associated Press - Ahmadinejad dropped Holocaust denial from speech

Associated Press - Iran hints US reporter's sentence may be eased, by Ali Akbar Dareini

Associated Press - Iran warns Israel not to attack nuclear sites


Associated Press - Israel wants to buy US missile defense system, by Steve Weizman


Reuters - Turkish police detain 37 in al Qaeda raids


LA Times - Qatar's ambitions roil Middle East, by Jeffrey Fleishman and Noha El-Hennawy


Associated Press - Hardline Jordanian Muslims urge Pope to apologize


RFE/RL - Kazakhstan Snubs NATO Games In Support For Russia

US Weapon Systems

Wall Street Journal - Computer Spies Breach Fighter-Jet Project, by Siobhan Gorman, August Cole, and Yochi Dreazen

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