ISW News Roundup - April 24, 2009


Associated Press - Iraqi police: 60 dead in double bombing, by Hamid Ahmed

New York Times - At Least 60 More Die in New Attacks in Baghdad, by Steven Lee Myers and Timothy Williams

Times Online UK - Rape, beatings and bribery: Iraqi police out of control, by James Hider

Department of Defense -Iraqi Provincial Council Members Meet With U.S. Soldiers, by Army Spc. Jazz Burney

Reuters - FACTBOX - Security developments in Iraq, April 23

Long War Journal - Islamic State of Iraq leader reported captured, by Bill Roggio

New York Times Baghdad Bureau - Muqdadiya: "Don't Spend Too Long", by Alissa J. Rubin

Associated Press - Iraqi officials: Top insurgents captured, bombs kill 54, by Chelsea J. Carter

Associated Press - AP IMPACT: Secret tally has 87,215 Iraqis dead, by Kim Gamel

BBC - Iraqi bloggers: Security worries


Afghanistan and Pakistan

Reuters - Taliban mean nothing to Afghanistan's hungry farmers, by Emma Graham-Harrison

Department of Defense - Combined Forces Capture Seven, Kill Two in Afghanistan

Department of Defense - Afghans Bid on Brighter Future, by Army Pfc. Andrya Hill

RFE/RL - Islamic Militancy And Pakistan's Rogue Generals

Associated Press - Pakistani Taliban pull back to Swat stronghold, by Riaz Khan

Reuters - Pakistani Taliban withdraws from key valley

Long War Journal - Rangers deployed to secure Islamabad outskirts, by Bill Roggio

Reuters - Germany worried over Taliban advance in Pakistan

LA Times - Taliban militants edge closer to Pakistan capital, by Mark Magnier and Mubashir Zaidi

Long War Journal - Taliban advance eastward, threaten Islamabad, by Bill Roggio

Associated Press - Pakistan makes 'last' appeal to defiant Taliban, by Riaz Khan

Christian Science Monitor - Pakistan makes show of force against Taliban, by Issam Ahmed

New York Times - U.S. Questions Pakistan's Will to Stop Taliban, by Carlotta Gall and Eric Schmitt

BBC - Disarray on Pakistan Taleban threat

Washington Times - Clinton warns of Pakistan nuke risk, by Nicholas Kralev and Barbara Slavin

Reuters - Pakistan diplomat faults U.S. strategy, by Adrian Croft




BBC - Israel 'risking support on Iran'

North Korea

Associated Press - 2 US journalists to be tried in North Korea, by Jean H. Lee


RFE/RL - Russians Expand Chechen Counterterror Effort

US Military

LA Times - U.S. to reveal alleged prison abuse photos, by Peter Wallsten, Julian E. Barnes, and Greg Miller

RFE/RL - U.S. Scrambles For Civilian Crisis Management In Afghanistan, Iraq, by Ahto Lobjakas

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