ISW News Roundup - April 25 and 26, 2009


Long War Journal - US breaks up Mahdi Army 'Promise Day Brigade' cell in Al Kut, by Bill Roggio

LA Times - Suicide bombers kill 71 at Baghdad shrine, by Liz Sly and Caesar Ahmed

Wall Street Journal - Bombers Strike Outside Baghdad Mosque, by Charles Levinson

Reuters - Iran leader blames U.S. for bombings in Iraq, by Zahra Hosseinian and Fredrik Dahl

Washington Post - 2 Blasts in Iraq Aimed at Shiites, by Ernesto Londono and Aziz Alwan

Christian Science Monitor - New bombings in Iraq steal thunder from top insurgent's arrest, by Tom A. Peter

Reuters - Iran closes Iraq crossing after bomb attacks: report

Reuters - Iraq says U.S. raid "a crime," violated security pact, by Aref Mohammed

Washington Post - Iraq Calls for Prosecution of U.S. Soldiers in Raid, by Ernesto Londono and Zaid Sabah

Reuters - FACTBOX: Iraq's security pact with the United States

New York Times - Iraq Resists Pleas by U.S. to Placate Baath Party, by Sam Dagher

Reuters - Iraq PM says can confirm insurgent leader arrest

New York Times - Americans Accused of Stealing Fuel in Iraq, by James Glanz

Reuters - Clinton urges Iraqis to overcome divisions, by Arshad Mohammed

Washington Post - Clinton Reiterates Iraq Commitment, by Mary Beth Sheridan

New York Times - Iraq's False Spring, by Rod Nordland

New York Times - Wounded, and Stories of Loss, Fill a Hospital, by Sam Dagher



Reuters - Six ton drug blaze a small step in Afghan battles, by Jonathan Burch

Reuters - Destroying Afghan opium crop: But does it help? by Golnar Motevalli

Reuters - Suicide bombers strike Afghan governor's compound

LA Times - Suicide bombers kill 5 in Afghanistan, by M. Karim Faiez

Reuters - Split Afghan opposition helps Karzai's chances, by Syed Salahuddin

Reuters - Karzai looks strong in Afghan nominations, by Hamid Shalizi

Reuters - Karzai signed law not knowing contents: campaigners, by Golnar Motevalli

Reuters - NATO kills several Taliban in air strikes



Washington Post - Petraeus Calls On Pakistan To Redirect Military Focus, by Ann Scott Tyson

Times Online UK - 'Stop the Taliban now - or we will', by Christina Lamb and Daud Khattak

Washington Post - In Pakistan, Guile Helps Taliban Gain, by Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Shah

Christian Science Monitor - Pakistani forces move against Taliban, by Issam Ahmed

Long War Journal - Pakistani military, Taliban maneuver for position in northwest, by Bill Roggio

Associated Press - Amid US criticism, Pakistan again battles Taliban, by Nahal Toosi

LA Times - Pakistan kills at least 30 militants, by Mubashir Zaidi and Mark Magnier

Times Online UK - Many reported dead as Pakistani army attacks Taleban near Swat, by Zahid Hussain

Reuters - Pakistan urges Taliban to lay down arms, by Zeeshan Haider

Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Fires Key Architect of Swat Peace Deal, by Zahid Hussain and Matthew Rosenberg

Reuters - Residents appeal for peace in Pakistani valley, by Javed Khan

Reuters - Weekend blasts kill 16 children in Pakistan

Reuters - India says Pakistan still aiding Kashmir rebels

Reuters - NATO, Pakistan hold joint naval exercise off Karachi

RFE/RL - Rising Tide Of Militancy Feeds Fears About Pakistan's Nukes, by Ron Synovitz




Reuters - Ebadi team denied access to U.S. -Iranian reporter: aide, by Parisa Hafezi

Reuters - Iran arrests group planning pre-vote bombings: radio

Reuters - Iran condemns U.S. in Iraq, Clinton sees progress, by Arshad Mohammed and Waleed Ibrahim

North Korea

Reuters - North Korea says has started extracting plutonium, by Miyoung Kim and Jon Herskovitz


New York Times - Lebanon Arrests 3 on Charges of Spying for Israel, by Robert F. Worth


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