ISW News Roundup - April 27, 2009

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Long War Journal - Al Qaeda leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi confirmed captured: Prime Minister Maliki, by Bill Roggio

Associated Press - Security problems uncovered at US bases in Iraq, by Richard Lardner

RFE/RL - U.S. Forces Kill Seven Al-Qaeda Suspects In Iraq

Reuters - Iraq says U.S. raid violated security pact, by Aref Mohammed

New York Times - After a U.S. Raid: 2 Iraqis Dead, Protests and Regrets, by Steven Lee Myers

New York Times - Exceptions to Iraq Deadline Are Proposed, by Rod Nordland

BBC - 'No Delay' in US withdrawal from Iraq, by Jim Muir

New York Times Baghdad Bureau - Left Hand, Right Hand, by Mohammed Hussein



Voice of America - Australia Urged to Boost Military Commitment in Afghanistan, by Phil Mercer

Reuters - Taliban say seize 10 police in north Afghan raid

BBC - Afghan women's law highlights rift, by Martin Patience

Reuters - Afghan's Karzai says will amend controversial law

Reuters - Afghan girls school feared hit by airborne poison, by Golnar Motevalli

Associated Press - Afghan officials burn 6.5 tons of illicit drugs

CNN - Brown: Afghanistan is 'crucible of terror'



Associated Press - Taliban derides 'worthless' truce with Pakistan, by Zarar Khan

LA Times - Swat refugees nurse dreams of peace in Pakistan, by Mark Magnier

Reuters - Radical cleric breaks off talks in Pakistan's Swat, by Junaid Khan

New York Times - Cleric Accuses Pakistan of Violating Swat Accord, by Carlotta Gall and Ismail Khan

Reuters - Zardari says Pakistan's nuclear weapons are safe, by Zeeshan Haider

New York Times Blog - Taliban Spokesman Blames American Women, by Robert Mackey

Washington Times - Air assault repels Taliban militants; peace deal intact, by Nasir Khan

LA Times - Pakistan kills at least 30 militants, by Mubashir Zaidi and Mark Magnier




New York Times - Iran Preparing Response to Nuclear Talks Offer, by Elisabeth Bumiller

RFE/RL - Iranian President's Chances of Reelection Increase, by Abbas Djavadi


LA Times - Hillary Clinton visits Lebanon ahead of key elections, by Raed Rafei and Jeffrey Fleishman


Times Online UK - Gun siege with extremist leaves three dead in Istanbul, by Nico Hines

Mideast Security

Associated Press - Watchdog warns arms transfers to Mideast rising, by Malin Rising


Reuters - Brown takes new strategy to Afghanistan, Pakistan, by Adrian Croft

Reuters - Bin Laden could be dead, whereabouts unknown: Zardari

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