ISW News Roundup - April 30, 2009

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LA Times - Five car bombings across Baghdad kill 48, by Saif Hameed and Liz Sly

Reuters - Death toll from twin Iraq car bombs rises to 51

BBC - UK combat operations end in Iraq

Associated Press - British end combat operations in Iraq, by Chelsea J. Carter

Reuters - U.S. hands oil terminal to Iraqi navy in first step, by Tim Cocks

Times Online UK - Few tears shed as Army leaves Basra, the city where it was never able to keep order, by James Hider

Associated Press - Major attacks in Iraq since Jan. 1

Associated Press - Iraq: US soldier charged in fellow soldier's death

Associated Press - Turkish warplanes hit Kurd rebel targets in Iraq



Christian Science Monitor - Taliban announce 'countersurge' in Afghanistan, by Anand Gopal

Wall Street Journal - U.K. All but Rejects More Long-Term Troops, in Blow to U.S. Hopes, by Alistair Macdonald

Reuters - Afghan anti-drug effort needs big boost: U.S. general, by Andrew Gray

Wall Street Journal - U.S. Takes Dutch Military as Role Model in Afghan Operations, by Jay Solomon

Associated Press - 1 German soldier killed, 9 wounded in Afghanistan

RFE/RL - Strategic Affairs Analyst Takes Broad View Of 'Af-Pak' Strategy

Department of Defense - Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill More Than 40 Insurgents

Department of Defense - Marines Engineer Afghanistan-Worthy MRAP, by Fred W. Baker III

Department of Defense - Gains in Afghanistan Tied to Pakistan, Marine General Says, by Fred W. Baker III

Times Online UK - Defying threats, fighting oppression: the woman leading protests in Afghanistan, by Tom Coglan

Reuters - Afghan Presidential hopeful promises Taliban talks, by Sayed Salahuddin 



Long War Journal - Taliban still in control in Dir, by Bill Roggio

Associated Press - Pakistan: Taliban holds town near capital hostage

LA Times - Pakistan wrests control of town from Taliban, by Mubashir Zaidi and Mark Magnier

Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Gains Against Taliban, by Zahid Hussain

New York Times - Civilians Flee as Pakistani Forces Hit Resistance, by Carlotta Gall and Salman Masood

Reuters - Pakistan says 50 Taliban killed in Bruner operation

Reuters - Ethnic violence erupts in Pakistani city; 18 dead

Reuters - Troops patrol Pakistan's Karachi after ethnic clashes

BBC - Karachi tense after fatal clashes

Reuters - Obama says Pakistan internal threat grave, by David Alexander and Augustine Anthony

Long War Journal - US strike kills 10 Taliban in South Waziristan, by Bill Roggio




Associated Press - Four generals freed in Hariri killing, by Sam F. Ghattas


Reuters - Russia takes control of rebel borders with Georgia, by Oleg Shchedrov

RFE/RL - Ingushetia Gun Battle Leaves Policeman, Presidential Bodyguards Dead

Reuters - NATO looks to beef up anti-piracy mission

BBC - Nato 'expels Russian diplomats'

Guantanamo Bay

Washington Post - Europe Seen Willing To Taking Detainees, by Craig Whitlock

New York Times - Credentials Challenged, Radical Quotes West Point, by Robert F. Worth

U.S. Department of Defense

Christian Science Monitor - Gates's next lever to reshape the Pentagon: QDR, by Gordon Lubold

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