ISW News Roundup - August 14, 2009

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Washington Post - Double Suicide Bombing Kills at Least 21 in Northern Iraq, by Ernesto Londoño and Dlovan Brwari

VOA News - Northern Iraq Twin Suicide Bombings Kill 20

New York Times - Blasts Kill 21 at a Cafe in North Iraq, by Marc Santora

Associated Press - Double Suicide Kills 21 in Packed Iraq Cafe, by Kim Gamel

Christian Science Monitor - Why Iraq Bombings are Spiking, by Jane Arraf 

Washington Post - High-Stakes Opening and Closing Roles for a U.S. General in Iraq, by Ernesto Londoño

AFP - Iraq PM Set to Break with Shiite Coalition in January Polls, by Ammar Karim

Reuters - Iraqis Demonstrate Over Web Censorship, by Khalid al-Ansary

Wall Street Journal - Boeing to Pay $25M to Settle Charges of Defective Work, by Brent Kendall



Washington Post - Gates: No Troop Requests in Afghanistan Review, by Karen DeYoung

Los Angeles Times - Afghanistan Report Won't Include U.S. Troop Request, Gates Says, by Paul Richter

VOA News - Gates Might Agree to More Troops for Afghanistan, by Al Pessin

Washington Times - General Considers More Afghan Fighters, by Rowan Scarborough

CNN - Four NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

New York Times - A Technocrat Shakes up the Afghan Campaign, by Carlotta Gall

Los Angeles Times - Karzai Leads Heading into Election But May Face Runoff, by Laura King

Associated Press - Observers See Pattern of Fraud Before Afghan Vote, by Jason Straziuso

Department of Defense - Gates Notes Security Progress Prior to Afghan Election, by Jim Garamone

AFP - Vote Leaders Take Campaigns Across Afghanistan, by Bronwen Roberts

New York Times - Extending the Horizon for Women's Aid Projects in Afghanistan, by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon 

Foreign Policy - Pakistan's Nukes are Sage. Maybe, by Vipin Narang



Wall Street Journal - Killing of Militant Shows Cementing U.S.-Pakistan Ties, by Gerald F. Seib

Department of Defense - U.S. Must Rebuild Trust with Pakistan, Gates Says, by Jim Garamone

Reuters - U.S. Needs Time to Rebuild Trust in Pakistan-Gates

AFP - Pakistan Attacks Kill Anti-Taliban Elders

VOA News - 22 Killed in Raid on Taliban Bases, Says Pakistan

Long War Journal - Taliban Kill Anti-Taliban Tribal Leaders in Pakistan's Northwest, by Bill Roggio

Washington Post - More Pakistanis View Al-Qaeda, Taliban Negatively, Poll Finds, by Karen DeYoung

Associated Press - Poll: Pakistanis Oppose Taliban, Still Revile US, by Kay Johnson

AFP - Pakistan Moves to Bring Tribal Belt Reforms, by Sajjad Tarakzai

VOA News - Pakistan Lifts Ban on Politics in Tribal Areas on Independence Day




Los Angeles Times - U.S. Faults Iraq Raid That Left Iran Dissidents Dead


Reuters - Somalia Tells All Visitors to Seek Govt Approval, by Abdiaziz Hassan


Foreign Policy -Will Syria Fold?, by Mara E. Karlin


BBC - Turkey PM Aims to End PKK Fight

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