ISW News Roundup - December 2, 2008


New York Times - Two Bombings Kill at Least 30 Iraqis, by Katherine Zoepf

LA Times - Blasts kill at least 15 cadets at Baghdad police academy, by Tina Susman

BBC - Dozens killed in Iraqi bombings

Washington Post - Bomb Attacks Kill at Least 27, Wound Dozens in Iraq, by Sudarsan Raghavan and Zaid Sabah

Christian Science Monitor - America's diminishing role in Iraq, by Jane Arraf

ReutersIraq civilian death toll up, U.S. deaths down

LA Times - Turkish warplanes bombing Kurdish separatists, from Reuters

BBC - New Chemical Ali death sentence

Associated Press- Obama still looks for Iraq pullout in 16 months

Associated Press - UN concerned over treatment of Iraqi detainees


Iraqi Politics and Reconstruction

Reuters - Iraq to revive dead farmland by sucking out salt, by Assel Kami

LA Times - U.S. - Iraqi accord shows Muqtada Sadr's diminished clout, by Tina Susman

Washington Post - As Turmoil Ebbs, Iraqi Women Seek Freedom of Road Again, by Mary Beth Sheridan

DefenseLink Mil - Colonel Notes Absence of Tensions as Iraqi Elections Near, by Army Staff Sgt. Michael J. Carden

New York Times - Kurds Defend Policies in Sharp Rebuke to Iraqi Government, by Riyadh Muhammed and Alissa J. Rubin


India/Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

LA Times - India pressures Pakistan to act on terrorism, by Mark Magnier and Laura King

Christian Science Monitor - Pakistan pressed on India attacks, by Mark Sappenfield

Asia Times - Al-Qaeda 'hijack' led to Mumbai attack, by Syed Saleem Shahzad

Telegraph UK - Mumbai attacks: Rift between Pakistani army and government, by Isambard Wilkinson



New York Times - Afghan Strategy Poses Stiff Challenge for Obama, by Michael R. Gordon

Long War Journal - Taliban are 'patriots', says Pakistani Army official, by Bill Roggio

New York Times - Bomber Kills 7 in Violent Afghan Province, by Khalid Fazly and Kirk Semple

DefenseLink Mil - Afghan, Coalition Troops Curtail Terrorists, Destroy Drugs, Weapons, from AFPS




Reuters - Seven killed in Pakistani suicide attack

Al Qaida

Associated Press - Al-Qaida's Zawahri praises executed Bali bombers, by Maamoun Youssef


Washington Times - Palestinians shift position on peace accord, by Nicholas Kralev


DefenseLink Mil - U.S. Forces Help Lebanese Military Assert Control, by Jim Garamone

U.S. Government

Reuters - Bush calls flawed Iraq intelligence biggest regret

Washington Post - Gates's Top Deputies May Leave, by Ann Scott Tyson

Washington Post - Nations prepare for cluster bomb accord, by Matt Siegel

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