ISW News Roundup - July 16, 2009

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Associated Press - Iraq bombings leave 11 dead

RFE/RL - Iraqi Parliament Wrestles With British Military Agreement



RFE/RL - Former U.S. Afghan Commander 'Embarrassed' By Dismissal

Associated Press - Taliban threatens to kill captured US soldier, by Amir Shah

Reuters - NATO Afghanistan commander concerned about north and west, by Andrew Gray

Washington Times EXCLUSIVE: Taliban uses Afghan fear to fight surge, by Sara A. Carter and James Palmer

RFE/RL - Civilians Reportedly Killed, Wounded In South Afghanistan

Wall Street Journal - The Baptist and the Mullah Launch a Faith-Based Attack on the Taliban, by Michael M. Phillips

Washington Times - Clinton to Taliban: Forsake al Qaeda, by Nicholas Kralev

New York Times - Scarcity of Copters Fuels British Debate Over War, by John F. Burns

Reuters - UK's Brown calls on Afghan army to pull its weight, by Luke Baker

Reuters - July equals deadliest month of Afghan war, by Peter Graff

BBC - Will history repeat itself in Afghanistan?



Christian Science Monitor - Pakistan likely to figure high in Clinton's first India visit, by Mian Ridge and Correspondent

New York Times - India and Pakistan Agree to Fight Terror Together, by Lydia Polgreen

Washington Post - India, Pakistan Agree to Share Intelligence Information, by Rama Lakshmi

New York Times - Gunmen Kill U.N. Official in Pakistan, by Salman Masood

Reuters - U.S. praises Pakistan handling of Swat crisis, by Andrew Gray and Simon Cameron-Moore

New York Times Lede Blog - Video of Mumbai Attacker's 'Confession', by Robert Mackey




BBC - Iranian nuclear chief steps down

New York Times - Moussavi to Appear in Public in Tehran, from Reuters

Reuters - Ahmadinejad: Iran will "bring down" Western foes

RFE/RL - Clinton Warns Iran That Offer To Talk Won't Always Be On Table, by Heather Maher


Washington Post - Ex-U.S. Diplomat Talks With Hamas, by Howard Schneider and Glenn Kessler

Times Online UK - Israeli navy in Suez Canal prepares for potential attack on Iran, by Sheera Frenkel

BBC - Israel's military message to Iran, by Jonathan Marcus

Washington Times - Ex-Israeli soldiers claim offenses in Gaza, by James Morrison

CIA Program

Washington Post - CIA Assassin Program Was Nearing New Phase, by Joby Warrick

LA Times - CIA was a long way from Jason Bourne, by Greg Miller


Reuters - Qaeda-linked Somali group take one of French hostages, by Abdiaziz Hassan and Abdi Sheikh


New York Times - Chechen Rights Campaigner Is Killed, by Michael Schwirtz and Ellen Barry

Christian Science Monitor - Chechnya: 'Open season' for killing rights activists? by Jonathan Adams

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