ISW News Roundup - May 13, 2009

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Christian Science Monitor - Spike in suicide attacks: Is Al Qaeda in Iraq coming back? by Jane Arraf

Reuters - Qaeda-linked group in Iraq denies head captured

New York Times - Violence Rises in Iraq's Tense North, by Campbell Robertson

BBC - Sunnis fearful of Iraq future, by Natalia Antelava

BBC - Iraqis tried for UK troop deaths

Reuters - US exit from Iraqi cities less risky than it looks, by Tim Cocks

Associated Press - Father: Army 'broke' soldier accused of killing 5, by Schuyler Dixon

LA Times - Suspect in Iraq attack recently had weapon taken away, by Liz Sly

Washington Post - EXCLUSIVE: Killings spur Army review of mental care, by Richard Tomkins

Times Online UK - David Kilcullen's Iraq invasion lesson for the US: don't do it again, by Bronwen Maddox



New York Times - A General Steps From The Shadows, by Elisabeth Bumiller and Mark Mazzetti

Christian Science Monitor - US 'Afpak' strategy troubles US and Pakistan, by David Montero

Department of Defense - Coalition, Afghan Forces Detain Five, Seize Opium

Associated Press - 20 dead as U.S., Afghans battle suicide bombers, by Jason Straziuso

Reuters - Suicide bomber kills 7 Afghans at NATO base, by Kamal Sadat

Reuters - List of 140 Afghan dead includes 93 children, by Hamid Shalizi

Associated Press - Afghan official: 95 kids died in US-Taliban clash, by Rahim Faiez

Reuters - U.S. commander must enforce Afghan attack rules: U.N., by Robert Bisel



BBC - Pakistan conflict map

Long War Journal - Taliban launches complex assault in Haqqani country, by Bill Roggio

Washington Times - U.S. sends $5 million for Swat refugees, by Nicholas Kralev

BBC - Pakistan's 'displaced deluge'

RFE/RL - U.S. Envoy Urges Congress To Boost Aid To Pakistan, by Andrew F. Tully

Associated Press - Pakistan fighting kills 15; headless bodies found, by Riaz Khan

Reuters - Pakistani army ordered to avoid civilian casualties, by Robert Birsel

Times Online UK - Pakistan drops hundreds of commandos in Taleban's Swat strongholds, by Zahid Hussain

Washington Post - Pakistani Commandos Target Taliban Bases, by Pamela Constable

Long War Journal - US strikes again in South Waziristan, by Bill Roggio

LA Times - Pakistan gets a say in drone attacks on militants, by Julian E. Barnes and Greg Miller

Reuters - Information war key to U.S. Pakistan strategy: envoy, by Paul Eckert

New York Times Lede Blog - A Grand Conspiracy Theory From Pakistan, by Robert Mackey

Associated Press - Pakistan: Trucks torched at NATO supply terminal, by Riaz Khan




Reuters - Israel hands over Lebanon cluster bomb maps: U.N.

LA Times - Pope couples compassion for Gaza with call to shun terrorism, by Richard Boudreaux


BBC - Saberi 'had classified document'


Christian Science Monitor - Russia plays up its international role - especially in Mideast peace, by Howard LaFranchi


RFE/RL - U.S. Senate Panel OKs Kyrgyzstan Air-Traffic Payment


RFE/RL - Counterterrorist Operation Under Way In Daghestan


Associated Press - U.S. Adm. James Stavridis named military commander of NATO

Mideast Christians

New York Times - Mideast's Christians Declining in Influence, by Ethan Bronner

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