ISW News Roundup - May 19, 2009

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New York Times - Iraq Arrests 2 Sunni Leaders, Raising Fears of Violence, by Marc Santora 

New York Times - Tensions Stoked Between Iraqi Kurds and Sunnis, by Sam Dagher

Department of Defense - Troops Discover Weapons Cache in Iraq, Detain Six

The Christian Science Monitor - To Meet June Deadline, U.S. and Iraqis Redraw City Borders, by Jane Arraf

CNN - Iraq TV Airs Alleged Confession of Terrorist Leader

Department of Defense - Iraqi Police, U.S. Soldiers Strengthen Bonds with Medals, Soccer 



New York Times - Ex-U.S. Envoy May take Key Role in Afghanistan Government, by Helen Cooper

Reuters - Afghanistan Says no Plan to Put Ex-Envoy in Charge, by Peter Graff

Los Angeles Times - U.S. Must Work to Limit Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan, Mullen says, by Julian E. Barnes and Laura King

Associated Press - U.S. Military, Contractors Disagree on Deadly Afghan Shooting

Department of Defense - U.S., Afghan Soldiers Add Security to Eastern Afghan Provence, by Army Staff Sgt. David Hopkins

Department of Defense - Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain 18, Kill Suspect in Afghanistan

RFE/RL - Afghan President Visits Victims of U.S. Air Strikes

New York Times - Karzai's Brother Survives as Convoy is Ambushed, by Abdul Waheed Wafa and Elizabeth Bumiller



The New York Times - Pakistan: Fighting Displaced 1.5 Million, by Sharon Otterman

The New York Times - Pakistan: No Compromise on Arsenal, by The Associated Press

VOA News - Pakistani Government Wages Public Relations Campaign for Swat Valley Offensive, by Catherine Maddux

CNN - U.N: 85,000 Pakistanis Flee Fighting Daily

The Washington Post - Clinton to Detail Humanitarian Aid to Pakistan, by Steven R. Hurst

VOA News - Pakistani PM: Troops to Stay in NW Until Displaced Return Home




RFE/RL - Iranian Leader Says U.S. Promoting Terrorism

Sri Lanka

The Christian Science Monitor - Sri Lanka Reveals Evidence of Rebel Leader's Death, by Johnathan Adams 


New York Times - Obama Tells Netanyahu He Has an Iran Timetable, by Sheryl Gay Stolberg

The Washington Post - Palestinians Discouraged by Meeting's Outcome, by Howard Schneider

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