ISW News Roundup - May 4, 2009

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LA Times - In Iraq's Anbar province, the Awakening grapples with a new role, by Liz Sly

Associated Press - Iraq: No extension of US pullback date from cities, by Hamid Ahmed

Associated Press - Iraqi soldier kills 2 Americans, by Brian Murphy

Times Online UK - Iraq bloodshed rises as US allies defect, by Ali Rifat, Hala Jaber, and Sarah Baxter

Times Online UK - Government to close lifeline for Iraqi interpreters in two weeks, by Deborah Haynes

Times Online UK - Families of murdered interpreters plead compensation as Britain leaves Iraq, by James Hider

Reuters - Iraqi forces arrest U.S. -allied militia leader

LA Times - Iraq police arrest high-ranking member of U.S. -allied movement, by Hameed Rasheed and Liz Sly

Associated Press - Arrests threaten sectarian violence, by Brian Murphy

Times Online UK - Pope Benedict XVI invited to visit Iraq as part of Middle East tour, by Richard Owen

RFE/RL - Iraq Issues Warrants For Trade Chiefs Over Corruption

RFE/RL - Iraqi President Says Kirkuk Will Not Be Bartered

LA Times Obituaries - Army 1st Lt. Daniel B. Modesto; killed in grenade attack in Iraq, by Rueben Vives

New York Times - Senators Accuse Pentagon of Delay in Recovering Millions, by James Glanz

Christian Science Monitor - My Iraq: a reporter's 20-year retrospective, by Jane Arraf

BBC - Pressures muzzling Iraqi journalists, by Natalia Antelava



Reuters - Afghan presidential hopeful promises Taliban talks, by Sayed Salahuddin

Associated Press - Dropout boosts Karzai's chances, by Jason Straziuso

Times Online UK - Hamid Karzai gets clear road to re-election as challengers fall by wayside, by Tom Coghlan

Associated Press - Afghan President Karzai registers for re-election, by Rahim Faiez and Jason Straziuso

RFE/RL - Fraud Fears As Afghan Men Get Women's Vote Cards

Washington Times - Afghan refugees stuck at Europe's door, by Anne-Laure Buffard

Wall Street Journal - U.S. Aims to Unify Efforts on Afghan Border, by Jay Solomon and Peter Spiegel

Reuters - U.S. denies letting troops convert Afghans, by Peter Graff

RFE/RL - Italian Troops Kill Afghan Girl In Disputed Incident

BBC - Afghanistan attacks leave 25 dead

Voice of America - Militants Kill 18 in Eastern Afghanistan



Christian Science Monitor - Next Taliban conquest? A view from Pakistan's frontline, by Ben Arnoldy

Washington Post - U.S. Options in Pakistan Limited, by Karen DeYoung

New York Times - Pakistan Strife Raises U.S. Doubts on Nuclear Arms, by David E. Sanger

Reuters - FACTBOX: Facts about conflict in Pakistan's Swat

Reuters - Taliban behead two Pakistani officials in Swat, by Junaid Khan

Times Online UK - Taliban terror holds 2,000 villagers as human shields, by Daud Khattak

BBC - Taleban face human shields charge

Reuters - Pakistan battles Taliban, by Kamran Haider

Long War Journal - Malakand Accord 'practically stands dissolved' - Taliban spokesman, by Bill Roggio

Associated Press - Taliban Resumes Patrols in Swat, by Zarar Khan

Associated Press - Pakistan peace deal under fire amid attacks, by Zarar Khan

Washington Times - Islamic court set up to satisfy Taliban, by Raza Khan

Long War Journal - Swat Taliban reject Islamic courts, refuse to disarm, by Bill Roggio

New York Times - Pakistan's Islamic Schools Fill Void, but Fuel Militancy, by Sabrina A. Tavernise

Washington Times - Pakistanis flee Taliban battles, by Nasir Khan




Associated Press - Journalist group: US reporter hospitalized in Iran, by Jason Keyser

Associated Press - Gates seeking to reassure Gulf on outreach to Iran, by Lara Jakes

Reuters - U.S. sanctions will not halt nuclear work: Iran


Reuters - Israel considers pullout from Lebanon border village

BBC - Gaza patients questionings 'rise'

New York Times - Israel Faces a Hard Sell in Bid to Shift Policy, by Ethan Bronner


Times Online UK - Doh! Pirates captured after attacking the wrong ship, by Anne Barrowclough


Reuters - U.S. says Islamist militancy a concern in Bangladesh


Associated Press - Fears of Yemen turning into another Afghanistan, by Donna Abu-Nasr

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