ISW News Roundup - May 5, 2009

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Long War Journal - Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle update: May 2009, by DJ Elliott

Times Online UK - Iraq security at risk in crackdown on militias who fought al-Qaeda, by James Hider

RFE/RL - Iraqi Commander Blames Recent Attacks on Al-Qaeda

Reuters - Iraq says kills over 30 militants in new strike

Department of Defense - Forces Capture Suspected Terrorists in Baghdad

Reuters - Iran shells Iraqi Kurdistan village

Associated Press - Iraq summons Iranian ambassador over bombardment

Associated Press - UN refugee body: Security improved in Iraq's south

Department of Defense - On the Ground: Forces Train Iraqis to Manage Radio Waves, Information Security

Associated Press - Iraq Committed to June 30 Withdrawal for American Troops, by Hamid Ahmed

New York Times - 3 Koreans Convicted of Bribery in Iraq, by James Glanz, Eric Schmitt, and Choe Sang-hun

RFE/RL - Iraq Setting Up Special Forces To Guard Historical Sites



Washington Post - Afghan Effort Is Mullen's Top Focus, by Ann Scott Tyson

RFE/RL -'Af-Pak' Policy Faces Hurdles Even As It's Launched, by Abubakar Siddique

Wall Street Journal - In Preview of Surge, U.S. Calms Afghan Valley but Peace Is Fragile, by Michael M. Phillips

Reuters - U.S. military says Afghan bibles have been destroyed

Reuters - Afghan president's rivals seek single candidate, by Sayed Salahuddin

Associated Press - Afghans allege dozens of civilian deaths, by Rahim Faiez and Jason Straziuso

Long War Journal - Afghan forces kill senior Taliban commander in Helmand, by Bill Roggio

Voice of America - Afghan Governor Says Security Forces Kill 25 Insurgents

Department of Defense - Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill 19 Militants

Reuters - Battle erupts in west Afghanistan after executions, by Sarafuddin Sharafyar

Times Online UK - Wandering Afghan goatherd holds up lethal attack on Taleban roadside bombers, by Michael Evans

Associated Press - Afghan lawmakers seek NIreland peace lessons, by Shawn Pogatchnik



Associated Press - Taliban link up with other Pakistani militants, by Chris Brummitt

New York Times - Porous Pakistani Border Could Hinder U.S. Troops, by Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Khan

Long War Journal - Taliban on the offensive in Swat, by Bill Roggio

CNN - Afghan Taliban spokesman: We will win the war, by Nic Robertson

Times Online UK - Pakistan troops clash with Taleban as Swat Valley truce breaks down, by Zahid Hussain

Associated Press - Suicide car bomber kills 4 troops in Pakistan, by Riaz Khan

Voice of America - Suicide Bomber Kills 5 in Northwestern Pakistan

Washington Post - The Taliban Tightens Hold in Pakistan's Swat Region, by Pamela Constable

Reuters - Residents flee Pakistan's Swat as truce collapses, by Junaid Khan

Associated Press - Pakistan expects up to 500,000 refugees from Swat, by Zarar Khan

LA Times - What the Pakistani people would tell Obama, by Mark Magnier

LA Times - U.S. warily encouraged over Pakistan, by Julian E. Barnes

New York Times - Turning to Madrasas




Associated Press - US reporter's appeal to be heard next week in Iran, by Ali Akbar Dareini

Associated Press - Gates calms allies on Iran overtures, by Lara Jakes

Reuters - Iran assails West, Israel at talks on nuclear treaty, by Louis Charbonneau

Associated Press - Iranian president to meet Palestinians in Syria


New York Times - Addressing U.S., Hamas Says It Grounded Rockets, by Taghreed El-Khodary and Ethan Bronner


Associated Press - Turkey says clan feud led to attack that killed 44, by Ibrahim Usta


Times Online UK - Georgia 'foils Russia-backed coup' on eve of Nato exercises, by Tony Halpin

Christian Science Monitor - Georgia accuses Russia of backing attempted coup, by Huma Yusuf


Reuters - Yemen jails al Qaeda militants for three years

Reuters - Gulf Arabs must help Yemen, Pakistan over militants, by Souhail Karam

New York Times - Violence in Yemen Shows Growing Power of Insurgency, by Robert F. Worth


Reuters - Fight against pirates also needed ashore: U.S. Navy, by Andrew Shalal-Esa

Contractor Fraud

Washington Post - KBR Connected to Alleged Fraud, Pentagon Auditor Says, by Ellen Nakashima

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