ISW News Roundup - November 14, 2008

Sons of Iraq (SOI) leaders listen to an information brief at the Faulkenberg Theatre on Forward Operating Base Warhorse, Iraq, Nov. 12, 2008



New York Times - Militants Turn to Small Bombs in Iraq Attacks, by Katherine Zoepf and Mudhafer Al-Husaini

Associated Press - Civilian cargo aircraft crashes in Iraq

Associated Press - Azerbaijan to withdraw troops from Iraq

Washington Times - Bulgaria to pull troops from Iraq at end of year, from AP

Associated Press - Iraq's al-Sadr renews threats to attack US, by Sinan Salaheddin

DefenseLink Mil - Coalition Forces Target al-Qaida Networks, Capture 10 Suspects from American Forces Press Service

Associated Press - Indictment draft in Blackwater shooting in Iraq, by Lara Jakes Jordan


Iraq Reconstruction

Associated Press - American University takes root in northern Iraq, by Yahya Barzanji and Ryan Lucas

Reuters - RPT-FEATURE-Iraqis measure progress with flip of switch, by Missy Ryan and Aws Qusay


Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

Washington Post -Iraqi Urges Passage of U.S. Deal, by Ernesto Londono




New York Times - Settlers Who Long to Leave the West Bank, by Ethan Bronner

New York Times - Saudis Cool to Israeli Overture, by Neil MacFarquhar

BBC  - Hamas barrage as Gaza under fire


Associated Press - Threats won't tame Iran, experts say, by Barry Schweid

Long War Journal -Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Peshawar, by Bill Roggio

Voice of America News - World Power Meeting Yields No Breakthrough on Iran Nuclear Issue


Wall Street Journal - U.S., Pakistan Work Together in Afghan Border Operation, by Matthew Rosenberg

Wall Street Journal - Suspected U.S. Missile Strike Kills at Least 12 in Pakistan, from AP


LA Times - Afghanistan struggle takes a heavy toll on civilians, by M. Karim Faiez and Laura King

Reuters - Iraq model not good fit for Afghan war: U.S. official, by Paul Eckert

Voice of America -US-Led Forces in Afghanistan Kill 4 Suspected Militants Linked to Al-Qaida

Al Qaeda

New York Times - C.I.A. Chief Says Qaeda Is Extending Its Reach, by Mark Mazzetti

BBC - Bin Laden 'cut-off from al-Qaeda'

Washington Post - CIA Chief: Iraq Not Main Front, by Walter Pincus

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