ISW News Roundup - October 16, 2008



Recent security developments in Iraq highlight the killing of Al Qaeda in Iraq's second in command as well as ongoing operations against terrorists and insurgents around the country.  For more information on these developments, check out the following stories:

 LA Times - Al Qaeda in Iraq's No. 2 commander is dead, U.S. reports, by Ned Parker and Saif Hameed

Associated Press - US troops arrest 4 suspected insurgents in Mosul

Reuters - U.S. says kills senior al Qaeda leader in Iraq, by Peter Graff

Reuters - FACTBOX: Security developments in Iraq, Oct 15

Washington Post - No. 2 Leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Killed, by Ernesto Londono

Long War Journal - US forces kill al Qaeda in Iraq's deputy commander, by Bill Roggio

Christian Science Monitor - US more cautious in Iraq appraisals, by Howard LaFranchi

Reuters - Iraq finds 22 bodies dumped in mass grave

 Also, for information on the latest AQI and Special Groups tactics, refer to ISW's new backgrounder Recent Attacks in Iraq: AQI or Special Groups?


Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

 Ongoing security pact negotiations between the Government of Iraq and the U.S. Military have hit a complicated set of hurdles over the past few months.  Recent accusations of Iranian influence have further intensified the debate over the future of U.S. Forces in Iraq.  The ISW's Timeline of the SOFA Negotiations provides a detailed history of the political and military events that have shaped the process over the past months.

New York Times - Iraq Inches Closer to Security Pact with U.S., by Alissa J. Rubin and Steven Lee Meyers

Associated Press - US agrees to limited Iraqi jurisdiction, by Qassim Abdul-Zahra

Reuters - Iraq says pact to allow U.S. troops until 2011

Reuters - Iraq criticizes U.S. commander for bribe comments


Regional Updates


Washington Post  - Patraeus Mounts Strategy Review, by Ann Scott Tyson



New York Times - Up North, Hothouse of Tension in Lebanon, by Robert F. Worth

Daily Star - Hizbullah 'unaware' of succession reports



New York Times - Petition Seeks Impeachment of Iranian Interior Minister, by Nazila Fathi



Christian Science Monitor - To fight Taliban, US eyes Afghan tribes, by Mark Sappenfield

Adnkronos - Pakistan's ex-spymaster outlines Taliban demands, from AKI

Al Jazeera English - Defections hit Afghan forces



Washington Times - Violence wounds Pakistani trust in U.S., by Jason Motlagh and Ayesha Akram

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