ISW News Roundup - October 24, 2008

U.S. Army Sgt. Robert Griffin a medic attached to 7th Battalion, 10 Cavalry Regiment stands his post during a patrol along Market Street in the city of Abu T-Shir, Iraq Oct. 16, 2008.  Here, 7-10 spends most of their time helping the local community take back control of their streets. (U.S. Navy Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Todd Frantom/Released)

Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

Amidst sharp exchanges between Iran and the US, the outcome of the SOFA negotiations remains uncertain. For the latest on the agreement, read:

Associated Press - Rice dismisses Iranian opposition to US - Iraq pact, by Nestor Iked

Reuters -Iraq doesn't need Iran's help, Rice says

Washington Post - Analysis: Confusion in Iraq if security deal fails, by Robert H. Reid

Voice of America  - Iran's President Urges Iraqis to Reject US Security Pact



Coalition and Iraqi forces continue to target AQI militants amid increasing regional support for the Government of Iraq and optimistic remarks from a U.S. general regarding a drawdown of US forces in west Iraq.

LA Times - Suicide blast targeting Iraq labor minister kills 9, from AP

Reuters - Iraq and its neighbors pledge to boost security, by Suleiman al-Khalidi

CNN - 66 suspects tied to al Qaeda captured in Iraq

Washington Post - U.S. general optimistic on troop cuts in west Iraq

Associated Press- Turkey: 25 Kurdish rebels killed in air strikes 



USA Today - U.S. to target Taliban drug traffic, by Jim Michaels

Associated Press - US says 3 insurgents killed in Afghanistan 

Reuters - Europe could boost NATO Afghanistan troop levels

GEO World - Coalition troops claim killing 18 Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan

Seattle Times - 3 Coalition troops killed in Afghanistan, by Fisnik Abrashi

Agence France Presse - Imran Khan warns against US 'surge' in Afghanistan

Xinhua - Notorious Taliban commander arrested in S. Afghanistan




Wall Street Journal - Pakistan Official Denies Loan Was Requested, by Matthew Rosenberg

LA Times - Pakistan's man in Washington walks a delicate line, by Paul Richter

Long War Journal -Pakistan on the Taliban: "Dialogue must now be the highest priority", by Bill Roggio


Wall Street Journal - Ultra-Orthodox Party Could Force Israeli Elections, from AP


Washington Times - OPEC slashes production; crude continues to tumble, by George Jahn

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