ISW News Roundup - October 27, 2008


U.S. Special Forces have reportedly conducted a raid inside Syrian territory on the border with Iraq.  While U.S. officials have not publically claimed responsibility, sources say U.S. hunter-killer teams trained their sights on Al Qaeda's senior coordinator in Syria, Abu Ghadiya.  For the latest on this operation, see:

New York Times - Syria and Iran Blame U.S. in Blast on Iraq Border, by Katherine Zoepf

LA Times Blog - IRAQ: Commando raid on Syria raises question of timing, by Tony Perry

LA Times -8 reportedly killed in U.S. raid inside Syria, by Borzou Daragahi and Julian E. Barnes

BBC  - Syria condemns 'US village raid'

Associated Press - Iraq hopes Syria raid won't harm relations

Associated Press - Iran condemns U.S. raid into Syria that killed 8

Reuters - Iraq says border raid targeted insurgents in Syria, by Marwan Makdessi

Long War Journal - Syrian strike aimed at al Qaeda's coordinator in Syria, by Bill Roggio


Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

Recent news show that delays and external influences continue to prevent U.S. and Iraqi negotiators from reaching a final draft of the SOFA.  The following articles  highlight a growing impatience with the Iraqi Cabinet  and increased pressure from U.S. officials for the Government of Iraq to reach agreement as soon as possible.

Washington Times -Iraqi Cabinet delays decision on U.S. security pact, by Robert H. Reid

Miami Herald - U.S. threatens to halt services to Iraq without troop accord, by Roy Gutman and Leila Fadel

Press TV - Iraq: SOFA should not cost Iran ties

Asia Times - US-Iraq deal awash in 'wiggle words', by Phyllis Bennis

Agence France Presse - Military pact traps Baghdad between US demands and Iranian fears


Assorted Iraqi and Regional News


Iraqi Water Treatment Project

NY Times - Report Finds Iraq Water Treatment Project to Be Late, Faulty, and Over Budget, by James Glanz

LA Times - $100-million Iraq sewer project a failure, report says, by Julian E. Barnes

Washington Post - U.S. Water Project in W. Iraq Plagued by Problems, by Ernesto Londono

Washington Times -PROMISES, PROMISES: Woes in Iraq sewage project, by Pauline Jelinek and Kim Gamel


Washington Times -Iraqi stock exchange healthy, by Benjamin Morgan

Wall Street Journal - Financial Storm Hits Gulf, by Margaret Coker and Chip Cummins

Pakistan and Afghanistan

New York Times - Pakistani and Afghan Elders to Meet to Ponder Violence, from Reuters

New York Times -U.S. Takes to Air to Hit Militants Inside Pakistan, by Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt

BBC News - 'US strike' kills Taleban leader

Voice of America News - Afghan, Pakistan Leaders to Meet in Islamabad to Discuss Insurgency, by Steve Herman


New York Times - Officials Counter Ahmadinejad Health Rumors, by Nazila Fathi

Associated Press - Iranian general reports arming 'liberation armies', by Ali Akbar Dareini

Washington Post - Iran Cabinet Minister Facing Impeachment, by Thomas Erdbrink


Reuters - Lebanon's Hariri, Nsrallah hold rare meeting, by Yara Bayoumy


New York Times - As Israeli Elections Are Called, Livni Is Assessed, by Isabel Kershner

The Peninsula Qatar - Israeli military accuses Syria of arming Hezbollah, from AFP

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