ISW News Roundup - October 31, 2008

Security and Politics

Reuters - FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Oct 31

New York Times - Iraqi Ministry Adopts Political Neutrality, by Abeer Mohammed and Katherine Zoepf

Associated Press - Iraq plans to cut 2009 budget by $13 billion

Haaretz News - Report: Syria cuts diplomatic ties with Iraq over U.S. raid, by Yoav Stern - Baghdad's potable water supply blown up: U.S., from Agence France Presse

Reuters - U.S. security chief defends cross-border raids, by Luke Baker

Star Tribune -U.S. takes battle against extremists to Iraq border, by Ernesto Londono

Associated Press - Iraq holding thousands in secret prisons: lawmaker, by Frank Jordans

Washington Times - Auditors: Private security in Iraq cost over $6B, by Pauline Jeline

Long War Journal - Iraq troops find EFP factory in Sadr City, by Bill Roggio


Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

Wall Street Journal - Iraq Wants Guarantee of U.S. Departure by 2011, from Associated Press

Reuters - U.S. reaffirms expectation for troop pact with Iraq

Asharq Alaswat - Iraq at a Crossroads, by Amir Taheri

Agence France Presse - US: Iraqi politics stalling security pact

Taipei Times - HRW warns US on transfer of detainees, by Agence France Presse

Kurdistan Regional Government - KRG Prime Minister predicts US troops will remain in Iraq until 2020, by Deborah Haynes



Associated Press - After Iraq, Patraeus faces arguably tougher job, by Robert Burns

New York Times - As if on Cue, Syrians Protest U.S. Incursion on Their Soil, by Graham Bowley

Associated Press - Intel says Iran plans secret nuclear experiments, by George Jahn



Christian Science Monitor - Insurgents increasingly employing complex attacks in Afghanistan, by Anand Gopal

TIME - Will More US Troops Really Help in Afghanistan?, by Mark Thompson

Chicago Tribune - More U.S. Special Forces debated for Afghanistan, by Peter Spiegel

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