ISW News Roundup - September 15, 2009

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Washington Times - EXCLUSIVE: Taliban makes IEDs deadlier, by Rowan Scarborough

Christian Science Monitor - Afghanistan's 'civilian surge' fizzles, by Gordon Lubold

Washington Examiner - Can Iraq Awakening be repeated in Afghanistan? by Kimberly kagan

Washington Times - Bin Laden calls U.S.-NATO's fight in Afghanistan 'hopeless', by Shaun Waterman

RFE/RL - Afghan Rights Group Hails ICC Plan On War Crimes

New York Times - Afghan Opposition Welcomes Vote Recount Order, by Sangar Rahimi and Alan Cowell

BBC - Afghan votes 'need 10% recount'

Associated Press - Recount order affects 10 pct of Afghan vote sites, by Jason Straziuso

RFE/RL - What I Saw While Afghanistan Voted, by Ellen Bork

Times Online UK - UN chief Peter Galbraith is removed in Afghanistan poll clash, by James Bone, Jerome Starkey and Tom Coghlan

Reuters - Afghans see little gain in U.S. prison changes, by Sayed Salahuddin

Christian Science Monitor - US allows Bagram detainees to challenge detention, by Huma Yusuf



BBC - US warns against forgetting Iraq

New York Times - Iraqi Shoe Thrower Is Released, Claiming Torture, by Marc Santora

Washington Post - Biden Makes Unannounced Trip to Baghdad, by Scott Wilson

Washington Post - Military's Killing of 2 Journalists in Iraq Detailed in New Book, by Ann Scott Tyson

New York Times - China Trains Afghans and Iraqis in Mine Clearing, by Mark McDonald

New York Times - Biden Arrives in Baghdad for Talks, by Steven Lee Myers

Department of Defense - U.S., Iraqi Forces Work to Open New Schools in Iraq, by Army Spc. Michael J. MacLeod



New York Times - Pakistan Army Is Said to Be Linked to Many Killings in Swat, by Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Shah

BBC - Witness to violence in Swat valley

Associated Press - Officials: Attack on Pakistan oil facility stopped, by Ashraf Khan




New York Times - U.S. Kills Top Qaeda Leader in Southern Somalia, by Jeffrey Gettleman and Eric Schmitt

Washington Post - U.S. Says Raid in Somalia Killed Terrorist With Links to Al-Qaeda, by Karen DeYoung

Associated Press - Insurgents vow to avenge US raid in Somalia, by Mohamed Olad Hassan

Associated Press - North Korean ship fights off Somali pirates, by Eileen Ng


New York Times - Reformist Details Evidence of Abuse in Iran's Prisons, by Nazila Fathi

Washington Post - Iran Agrees to New Talks With 6 Global Powers, by Joby Warrick

Wall Street Journal - Iran Agrees to Meeting on Nuclear Program, by Jay Solomon

Christian Science Monitor - US will join talks with Iran, by Howard LaFranchi


Associated Press - Israelis, Palestinians present peace manual, by Karin Laub

Voice of America - UN Says Gaza Water Supplies Near Collapse

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