ISW News Roundup - September 24, 2009

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Reuters - Mixed messages from Pentagon on Afghan troop plans, by Adam Entous and Phil Stewart

Long War Journal - Counterterrorism at the expense of counterinsurgency will doom Afghanistan and Pakistan: US officials, by Bill Roggio

Washington Times - McChrystal to request more Afghan troops this week, by Eli Lake and Sara A. Carter

Department of Defense - Resource Decision on Afghanistan to Follow Strategy Review, by Jim Garamone

Christian Science Monitor - Afghans on troop surge debate: It's the corruption, stupid. by Ben Arnoldy

RFE/RL - Security Worsens As Taliban Move Into Northern Afghanistan, by Zarif Naza and Charles Recknagel

Times Online UK - Afghanistan live debate: stay or go?

New York Times - Must-Reads on Afghanistan

Associated Press - Afghan official gives 2-week window for new vote, by Heidi Vogt

Wall Street Journal - Dubious Afghan Vote Drove U.S. to Revisit Strategy, by Peter Spiegel



New York Times - Iraq: Attacks Kill at Least 6 People, by Steven Lee Myers

RFE/RL - Iraq Seeks Help To Clear 25 Million Land Mines

BBC - 'Al-Qaeda group' escape Iraq jail

Associated Press - Al-Qaida-linked inmates break out of Iraq prison, by Qassim Abdul-Zahra

Reuters - Iraqi city under curfew after prison break

Reuters - Iraqi minority refugees in jeopardy, report says

LA Times - Iraq's marshes are dying a second death, by Raheem Salman



New York Times - Taliban Widen Afghan Attacks from Base in Pakistan, by Eric Schmitt and Mark Mazzetti

Associated Press - Tribal Elders gunned down by Taliban in Pakistan, by Riaz Khan

Voice of America - Militant Ambush in NW Pakistan Kills 9, Including Tribal Elders, by Sean Maroney

Long War Journal - US airstrikes alone cannot defeat al Qaeda, by Bill Roggio




New York Times - Obama Makes Gains at U.N. on Iran and Proliferation, by Helene Cooper

New York Times - President of Iran Defends His Legitimacy, by Mark Landler and Nazila Fathi

Washington Post - Iranian Leader Offers U.S. Access To the Country's Nuclear Scientists, by Glenn Kessler

Reuters - Six powers demand "serious response" from Iran

LA Times - Russia's president pledges to help U.S. nudge Iran on nuclear issue

Washington Times - Iran remarks drive diplomats to exit UN, by Betsy Pisik

Wall Street Journal - Big Oil Traders Cut Shipments to Tehran Amid Sanctions Talk, by Spencer Swartz

United States

Wall Street Journal - U.S. al Qaeda Cell Suspected, by Cam Simpson and Evan Perez

Department of Defense - Petraeus Cites Need for Critical Warfighting Specialties, by Gerry J. Gilmore

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