ISW News Roundup - September 29, 2009

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Reuters - It's up to Obama to decide on Afghanistan, by Steve Holland

Washington Times - Musharraf: Afghan debate shows U.S. weak, by Sara A. Carter

Voice of America - NATO Secretary-General Defends Alliance's Afghanistan Contributions, by Michael Bowman

Christian Science Monitor - If McChrystal gets his Afghan surge, how many troops will be there? by Dan Murphy

Times Online UK - Tories would send 2,500 more troops to Afghanistan, says Liam Fox, by Tom Coghlan

Washington Post - In Building Afghan Army, It's Back to Basics, by Walter Pincus

Times Online UK - US accepts Hamid Karzai as Afghan leader despite poll fraud claims, by Giles Whittell

RFE/RL - Two Perspectives On Resolving The Afghan Postelection Crisis, by Zarghona Mangal and Abubakar Siddique

New York Times - 30 Killed in Southern Afghan Bus Explosion, by Abdul Waheed Wafa and Taimoor Shah

Associated Press - 30 Afghan civilians killed in roadside bomb blast, by Noor Khan

Department of Defense - First M-ATVs Deploy to Afghanistan



Wall Street Journal - Iraq Is Struggling to Buy Equipment, by Gina Chon

Washington Post - Bombings Across Iraq Kill 15, Wound Dozens, by Nada Bakri

Associated Press - Suicide Bombing Kills 7 in Western Iraq

Reuters - Iraq bomb attacks end Ramadan lull

Reuters - FACTBOX: Security developments in Iraq, Sept 28

BBC - Iraq's drought: Eden drying out, by Hugh Sykes



Washington Post - U.S. Says Taliban Has A New Haven in Pakistan, by Pamela Constable

New York Times - Now Playing in Swat, by Jason Tanner

Long War Journal - Taliban, Frontier Corps clash in North Waziristan, by Bill Roggio

Associated Press - Officials: Missile strike kills 6 in NW Pakistan, by Ishtiaq Mehsud




Washington Post - U.S. Aims To Isolate Iran if Talks Fail, by Glenn Kessler

Associated Press - Iran parliament warns against foreign pressure, by Nasser Karimi

Reuters - Iran warns West against "past mistakes", by Parisa Hafezi and Fredrik Dahl

Associated Press - Iran put nuclear site near base in case of attack

Christian Science Monitor - Iran's secret site is the missing piece in its nuclear puzzle, by Peter Grier

New York Times - Nuclear Debate Brews: Is Iran Designing Warheads? by William J. Broad, Mark Mazzetti and David E. Sanger

Washington Post - Iran Test-Fires Its Most Advanced Missiles, by Willian Branigin, Thomas Erdbrink and Walter Pincus

Christian Science Monitor - Why Iran's missile tests may not play well in Tehran, by Tara Mahtafar

Associated Press - A breakdown of Iran's missile arsenal


Associated Press - 2 US soldiers killed in Philippines blast, by Jim Gomez

Al Qaeda

Christian Science Monitor - Al Qaeda takes multiple hits from US forces, by David Montero

Wall Street Journal - Al Qaeda in Yemen Worries the West, by Margaret Coker and Sarah Childress

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