ISW Weekend News Roundup - December 6-7, 2008

Iraq Security

December 6

Reuters -Iranian artillery pounds remote area in Iraq-mayor

Washington Post - Police: Attacks targeting security kill 6 in Iraq, by Sameer N. Yacoub

New York Times - Troop Pullout to Leave U.S. and Britain as Iraq Force, by Alissa J. Rubin

BBC - Iraq translators' mask ban dropped, by Humphrey Hawksley

Reuters - U.S. to unveil charges in Blackwater shooting in Iraq, by James Vicini

Washington Times - Advocates seek safety for Iranians in Iraq, by Michael Drost

Long War Journal - Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle Update: December 2008, by DJ Elliott

Long War Journal - In Mosul, Americans felled by rogue Iraqi soldier, by Wesley Morgan

New York Times - Gen. Odierno's Letter to Troops About the Security Agreement

December 7

New York Times - 6 Are Killed Amid Violence Across Iraq

Associated Press - Iraq: New security for Central Bank, ancient sites, by Qassim Abdul-Zahra

LA Times - Baqubah a minefield of Iraqi sectarian tensions, by Ned Parker


Iraq Politics and Reconstruction

December 6

Wall Street Journal - Iraqi Oil Conference Draws Interest, by Gina Chon

Associated Press - An oil expo in Baghdad, by Kim Gamel and Sinan Salaheddin

Washington Post - In Iraq, 'A Prison Full of Innocent Men', by Amit R. Paley

LA Times - Bush: Iraq war longer, more costly than expected, from AP

December 7

Reuters - Referendum seen as way to "correct" U.S.: Iraq pact

Washington Post - Iraqi Women, Fighting for a Voice, by Sudarsan Raghavan

Associated Press - Iraq to resume oil sales to South Korean firm SK, by Sinan Salaheddin


Pakistan and Afghanistan

December 6

New York Times - Bomb Kills at Least 29 and Wounds 90 in Pakistan, by Pir Zubair Shah and Graham Bowley

LA Times - Car bomb kills 20 in northwest Pakistan's Peshawar, from AP

Long War Journal - US Predator hits Taliban safe house in North Waziristan, kills 4, by Bill Roggio

Radio Free Europe - 'No Reduction' Seen By U.S. In Pakistani Border Efforts, from Reuters

New York Times - Uprising at an Overcrowded Afghan Prison Leaves 8 Inmates Dead, by Kirk Semple

Wall Street Journal - U.S. Prepares for Troop Buildup in Afghanistan, from AP

December 7

New York Times - Revamping Pakistan Aid Expected in Report, by David E. Sanger

Wall Street Journal - Militants Torch NATO Vehicles in Pakistan, from AP

Long War Journal - Pakistan 'lost control' in Swat, by Bill Roggio

Long War Journal - Pakistan's Jihad, by the LWJ Editors

India Times - Pak agrees to 48-hour timetable for action against LeT: Report

Times Online UK - Gunmen had elite training from Pakistan, by Dean Nelson and Barney Henderson

Asharq Alaswat - The Two Faces of Lashkar-e-Taiba, by Umer Farooq

New York Times -U.S. Plans a Shift to Focus Troops on Kabul Region, by Kirk Semple

Agence France Presse - Taliban and civilians hit by bombardment




Christian Science Monitor 12/7 - How a murder investigation could snarl Mideast peace, by Nicholas Blanford


Voice of American 12/7 - IAEA Chief: Efforts to Curb Iran's Nuclear Ambitions a 'Failure'


New York Times 12/6 - Police Foiled Earlier Plot Against Mumbai, by Robert F. Worth and Hari Kumar

Washington Post 12/6 - Mistrust of India Forges Sense of Unity in Pakistan, by Candace Rondeaux

Asia Times 12/6 - India sets sights on Pakistani camps, by Siddharth Srivastava

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