Wolf Brigade Commander in Baghdad Fired

According to a story by Ann Scott Tyson in The Washington Post on December 11, 2007, the commander of the Wolf Brigade (لواء الذئب), a National Police unit involved in sectarian cleansing activities in Baghdad, was fired in October, completing the replacement of all nine of nine National Police Brigade Commanders.  The Wolf Brigade (2-1 National Police) was re-trained ("re-blued") last spring, in the reform process intended to weed out sectarian actors in the National Police, but to little effect. It redeployed to Saydiyah in West Rasheed, where it collaborated with Shi'a militias to faciliate the kidnapping and killing of Sunni civilians. We have written extensively about Wolf Brigade activities in Saydiyah as part of a backgrounder on the competition between al-Qaeda and Shi'a militias in the area.

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