The Libyan Revolution Part I-Roots of Rebellion

This four-part series provides a detailed narrative of the war in Libya and seeks to explain the underlying dynamics behind the conflict for policymakers contemplating policies regarding Libya’s future. Part One: Roots of Rebellion details Libya’s political history, human terrain, economy, and the Qaddafi regime’s unique political and military structures. It also addresses the early stages of the conflict in February 2011, beginning with the protests in Benghazi that triggered the rebellion, and the formation of the National Transitional Council. This first installment concludes with the spread of unrest to western Libya and the regime’s crackdowns in Tripoli and Zawiyah.

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The Libyan Revolution Part 2-Escalation & Intervention

The Libyan Revolution Part 3-Stalemate & Siege

The Libyan Revolution Part 4-The Tide Turns