Iraq Project


Iraq Situation Report: August 25 - 27, 2015

The ISIS mobile defense of SVBIEDs around Ramadi affirms ISF reports of advances around the city. Over the past week ISIS responded to ISF advances west of Ramadi by ambushing and targeting ISF forward positions with SVBIEDs. ISIS also managed to kill the commander of the Iraqi Army (IA) 10th Division and the deputy commander of the Anbar Operations Command on August 27 in an attack on a forward ISF position, which was likely a targeted strike.

Tracking ISIS Since (Before) the Islamic State

The ISIS Sanctuary Maps from the last 14 months (and longer) show how ISW has tracked the conflict and become the recognized expert on ISIS's expansion. As we approach the one-year anniversary of U.S. and coalition airstrikes against ISIS, we have collected all our Sanctuary Maps, along with examples of where they have appeared, to help show the role ISW is proud to have played in tracking ISIS.