What To Expect in 2011

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

On February 17, 2011 ISW hosted the first Congressional event of the year at a lunch briefing featuring ISW Fellow Lieutenant General James Dubik and ISW Scholars Marisa Cochrane Sullivan, Jeffrey Dressler, and Carl Forsberg. Over 50 congressional staffers were in attendance as panelists discussed Iraq and Afghanistan and what to expect in 2011. General Dubik offered his insight into the security transition in Iraq, discussing his newly released report The U.S. in Iraq Beyond 2011: A Diminishing But Still Vital Role. ISW researchers discussed in depth the United States’ commitment to defeating al-Qaeda, eliminating international and transnational terrorist safehavens, and our progress in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mark your calendars for our next event March 16th 1-2:30pm "Afghanistan: Regional Stability and Global Security" featuring Dr. Kimberly Kagan, Lieutenant Colonel Joel Rayburn, CNN’s Peter Bergen and moderated by Lieutenant General James Dubik. ISW is pleased to host this event in cooperation with the Reserve Officers Association (ROA).

In Case You Missed It-
• Newly released Iraq and Afghanistan Orders of Battle are available.
• Recently featured in Small Wars Journal- al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Changing Face of Uzbek Militancy by David Witter
• ISW Senior Fellow LTG James Dubik (U.S. Army, ret.) was featured in BBC News' "'Warrior Intellectuals' in the U.S. Military'". Hear him speak about the relationship between philosophy and the military here at BBC News.

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<p>February 17, 2011- ISW Senior Fellow LTG. James Dubik (U.S. Army, ret.) addresses Congressional staffers on what to expect in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2011.</p>
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