Thanksgiving Reading on Afghanistan

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November 24, 2009

Haseeb Humayoon and Jeffrey Dressler have released reports analyzing the Taliban’s media blitz and the policy implications of President Karzai’s inaugural speech.

Washington, D.C. - In preparation for the possible strategy announcement by President Obama, ISW Afghan experts Haseeb Humayoon and Jeffrey Dressler have published two detailed backgrounders that analyze and discuss the Taliban’s aggressive communications strategy and the U.S. policy implications of President Karzai's second inaugural address.

The Taliban's Media Blitz concisely explains the sophisticated communications tactics the enemy is using in Afghanistan. The backgrounder makes it clear that the Taliban understands Washington politics and is attempting to influence U.S. policy makers. The following backgrounder on President Hamid Karzai analyzes his second inaugural address and his changing attitudes towards the U.S. troop presence and how that might impact the Obama administration's plans for Afghanistan.

Download The Taliban's Media Blitz here:

Download President Hamid Karzai's Second Inaugural Address: Critical Points and Policy Implicationshere:

Thank you to the U.S. and NATO troops who continue to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. Happy Thanksgiving!

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